Hotboii Net Worth

Javarri Latre Walker aka Hotboii is an American rapper and singer. He is a rising star in the hip hop industry. He has won a number of awards and has been nominated for many others.

He started rapping in his teens and began uploading his works to SoundCloud and YouTube. He had no prior experience in the music industry, but his mother helped him a lot with it.

In 2016, he was caught breaking into someone’s home without their permission and received a 2-year sentence in a juvenile detention facility. He was released from prison in 2018.

After his release, he began working on his music career and began to release some of his early songs. He also started sharing his life story through the songs he had written.

2020 Breakout Single

In 2020, Hotboii had a breakthrough single which went viral on YouTube. It became a massive hit and reached over 58 million views. It also spawned a remix with Lil Baby.

His popularity is growing rapidly and he has also been signed by several major record labels. In addition, he has many fans on social media and has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Currently, his net worth is estimated to be $1 million. He has a monthly income of $8,000+ and his annual salary is around $80,000+. He also has his own youtube channel and has 458K subscribers on it.

Bio of Hotboii

Javarri Latre Walker was born on June 13, 2000 in Orlando, Florida. He grew up in a large family with 16 siblings and was influenced by rappers such as Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan and Kodak Black.

He rapped from his childhood and got some recognition in 2016. He was then arrested for Breaking and Entering, and spent two years in juvenile detention.

After his release from juvenile detention, he started releasing some of his early songs which were quite successful. He also received some recognition for his song Switcharoo.

His net worth is expected to increase as his career progresses. He has a large fan base and has been nominated for numerous awards.

Basic Income Sources

Hotboii’s primary source of income is music. He earns most of his money from promoting his music and his own videos. His monthly income is approximately $8,000.

He has a net worth of $1 million. He is an American rapper and singer who has been nominated for multiple awards. He is also known for his hit song “Don’t Need Time.”

During his early music career, he was convicted for Breaking and Entering and was sent to jail for two years. He returned to the music scene in 2018, and he has been enjoying his success.

His upcoming projects include a mixtape and an album. He is also planning to tour and perform in different shows. He is a popular artist and has a huge social following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. His net worth is projected to grow as he continues to be a top artist in the Hip Hop industry.

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