Hospira Plum A+ Error Codes

If you have a hospira plum a+ infusion pump, you may have received error codes N250, “door is open while pumping” and N100, “unrecognizable cassette” while delivering a fluid therapy. The error codes are indicative of malfunctioning fluid shields. In order to minimize the risk of interruption of therapy, Hospira is deploying a new battery in the device.

hospira plum a+ fluid shield causes N250 “door open while pumping” and N100 “unrecognizable cassette”

The infuser may malfunction after exposure to radiation or improper cleaning. To correct this issue, replace the damaged parts. Check the infuser and all accessories are assembled. Then, press ON/OFF to turn the device on. If the self test fails, do not put it into service until Hospiterra has fixed the problem.

The infusion system will display an alarm message and error code when there is a problem. Each alarm message includes a description of the error and a suggested course of action. If you need to contact Hospiterra Support for further assistance, they offer a spare parts price list. If the error persists, contact Hospiterra Technical Support Operations.

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A plum A+ infuser may fail to work because of a problem with the distal pressure sensor pin. If this problem occurs, you will have to recalibrate the infuser. Then, you may receive error codes E180/N180/N180, E186/N186, and E346. If you experience these problems, contact Hospiterra’s sales office for further information and solutions.

The Plum A+ (r) does not have a barcode reader feature, but the CPU communicates with the external computer via the DataPort interface. This interface reads data from a memory-mapped input/output port. The CPU also monitors battery terminal voltage and charge/discharge current through the memory mapped input/output port. See Table 4-3 for the signals that the CPU and power supply interface send to each other.

Hospira is deploying a new battery to mitigate the potential risk of interruption of therapy

To mitigate the risk of interruption of therapy, Hospira, Inc. has sent a letter to healthcare providers and customers advising them about the problems with the Plum A+/A+3 infuser. This error code occurs when the infuser is running on AC power and the battery is not fully recharged in eight hours. A degraded battery is the root cause of this problem, and an audible and visual error message will accompany this code.

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