Hip-Hop Sites Like WSH

There are several websites that cater to hip-hop music fans, including SoulCentralTV, UndergroundHipHop, DatPiff, and UndergroundRadio. All of these sites share the same mission: to provide hip-hop fans with a variety of music videos and music news. SoulCentralTV features a list of popular new releases every month. SoulCentralTV also features weekly webisodes, and is available for digital marketing streaming. UndergroundHipHop, or UGHH, is a hip-hop radio station based in Boston. This website features upcoming and popular music videos, as well as classic hip-hop culture.


With so many blogs devoted to hip-hop, finding UndergroundHipHop sites like WSH can be a daunting task. A quick search on Google will yield literally bazillions of results. But there are some sites that specialize in hip-hop and will save you hours of research. These are a few sites worth checking out:

2DOPEBOYZ is a hip-hop blog with a unique style: short posts about hip-hop performances and videos. Founded by Joel Zela and Meka Udoh, the site has received awards and recognition for its unique style. It features a variety of fresh talent, and has strict guidelines for the submission of music. The site is also very user-friendly. Its site is designed to be a great resource for hip-hop fans and a good place to find new music.

Hip-hop fans and professionals alike will find new and emerging artists through blogs. Many of the more popular blogs actively look for newcomers to the genre. UndergroundHipHop is no exception. The Underground Hip Hop Blog, for instance, features a variety of hip-hop music from around the world. Its extensive social media presence and high readership makes it a great place for artists to promote their music. Singles, music videos, and mix tapes are accepted for inclusion.

Soul Central TV

Soul Central TV is a hip hop website that provides live streams, music videos and articles. This site is similar to Vanillo and WorldStarHipHop. It offers information on hip hop culture, crime, undercover hip hop, fights, and more. Its easy to use interface allows users to easily filter the content that they are interested in. The site has an extensive library of hip hop content.

Soul Central TV, a media network in London, offers hip hop news, videos, and interviews with celebs from around the world. It also offers music video countdown displays on a variety of platforms. The site also has a webseries that is aired every Saturday. It also has a news section for hip hop artists, as well as videos and album reviews. While Soul Central TV isn’t as well known as WSHH, it is a reliable source for Hip Hop generic content.

Another popular alternative is UndergroundHipHop. The site was founded in 1997, and focuses on hip hop and urban music content. It features hip hop artists of all genres, including the underground and mainstream, and restyles both established and downstream artists. Another site similar to Soul Central TV is Vladtv, which has maintained its dominant position in the market for urban news and interviews. This site is also known for its funny videos and music video links.


If you are looking for hip-hop music news, DatPiff may be the site for you. It features free music streaming, weekly charts and old-school mix tapes. Users can also rate audio recordings. This site also offers updates on new releases every week. It has 1.5 million visitors per month. There are two ways to subscribe to DatPiff: through email or through the RSS feed.

Another site similar to WorldStarHipHop is DatPiff. With a tagline like “authority of free mixtapes,” DatPiff has more than 15 million mixtapes available to download for free. The site also offers free downloads of both sponsored and unsponsored mixtapes. The paid version also offers unlimited downloads. Both sites also offer a TV version, BooBoo TV.

DatPiff allows users to review songs and rate them. This website is good for hip-hop fans who are looking for reviews. Another site similar to WorldStarHipHop is Real Shit, which covers hip-hop artists and fashion content. It is a place for Hip-hop music lovers to find the latest hits and albums. In addition to music, Real Shit also has news and sports.