How To Drop Jerry Can Gta 5.

In GTA 5, there’s a simple way to drop a Jerry Can when you want to make a trail of gas. You can equip the Jerry Can on your weapon wheel and hold the shoot button to throw the fuel. Then, when the fuel hits the ground, simply move to direct the fuel where you want it to go.

The Jerry Can is a simple fuel container that can create a trail of fuel that can burn targets, including NPCs and vehicles. The fuel trail will disappear after about 50% of the fuel is used. To obtain the Jerry Can, you should visit any Ammunition Shop marked with the Pistol symbol.

You can purchase a Jerry Can from Ammu-Nation and also pick them up from certain locations, including gas stations, in San Andreas. The Jerry Can is a great way to make trails of fuel, but it’s important to remember that it won’t refuel your vehicle! Instead, use the Jerry Can to create a bigger puddle of fuel and a more flammable one to create trails of fire.

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The Jerry Can is an item that can make your life easier and faster. It’s also a weapon and can be useful when used in combat. When dropped, it will make enemies run away. You can also use it to kill enemies. You can buy one from the Ammu-Nation store for $25 or up to $100 once you’ve reached rank 20. Jerry Cans come in different colors, depending on the type of fuel you’re using. For example, green jerry cans mean unleaded gasoline, while yellow and blue jerry cans contain diesel or kerosene.

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