Great American Coin Hunt Quarters

The Great American Coin Hunt, also known as the GACH, is an exciting new initiative that aims to attract new coin collectors. The aim of the Great American Coin Hunt is to encourage new coin collecting habits, boost coin shop traffic, and garner national media attention. Throughout the United States, dozens of locations will be used for the coin drops. To locate these drop points, participants are encouraged to use the map below.

The Great American Coin Hunt will continue through Sunday, April 28, and is sponsored by the U.S. Mint and hundreds of coin dealers across the country. The event is being hailed as the largest coin drop in American history, with the US Mint issuing a special “W” US quarter just for the occasion. The program is also taking the hobby by storm, with the launch of a corresponding social media campaign.

The Obverse side of the coins features a smaller restoration of the original Washington Quarter, which was modeled from John Flanagan’s 1932 plaster. The reverse side of the coins showcases the character and environment of each state. A great American Coin Hunt will include a number of different states, including those featured on the coin. For a complete listing of the different states, visit the official website of the Mint.

In addition to the West Point Mint, the US Government Mint is also participating in the Great American Coin Hunt by issuing “W” coins for general circulation. While the US Mint produces coins for general circulation, it is usually reserved for commemorative, proof, and bullion coins. These coins also include old bills. While there is no official way to tell which mint made them, some dealers are releasing common coins with a special holographic sticker on them, which can be redeemed for a collector coin worth as much as $100.

The Great American Coin Hunt also marks National Coin Week, during which hundreds of coin dealers release collectible vintage coins and paper money notes into circulation. The launch of these coins and money notes marks the return of the coin collecting generation that saw the last days of the 1960s. The Great American Coin Hunt coincides with National Coin Week, which is the most popular event of the year. Its aim is to make collectible vintage coins available in change for the first time since that period.