Goodnites Review

Goodnites are a mid-level line of disposable diapers. They are made by Kimberly-Clark, a company that also makes Huggies diapers for infants and Pull-Ups training pants for toddlers. They also produce Depend incontinence products for adults. Prior to 2004, Goodnites were simply plain, white pull-ups with a faux tag. Initially, they came in two sizes, small and medium. Then, in 2004, the sizes were combined into one size. They were available in a 65 to 125-pound range, and were also made in extra-large size.

GoodNites are designed to be worn at night and offer extra absorbency. The brand claims they protect against nighttime leakage by up to 40%. They’re also designed to prevent wetting pajamas and bed linens. There are new sizes for boys and girls, with sizes ranging from XS to L and XL. They’ll fit a growing child from 28 pounds to 125 pounds. Goodnites can absorb up to eight ounces of liquid. Despite the extra absorbency, GoodNites can still be easily removed from a diaper and are easy to wash.

Goodnites are a great choice for a child’s sleepwear. They are designed to be soft and comfortable, and most children won’t have to worry about leakage at night. The manufacturer uses an anti-bacterial material called Polyglycol to prevent leakage. The material is also waterproof.

While Goodnites can’t match the absorbency of traditional pull-ups, they offer good protection. They’re 40 percent more absorbent than other brands and don’t cause leaks or uncomfortable bedtimes. Goodnites are also designed to be easy to use, and their pull-up style makes them easy to change. They also help reduce the stigma associated with bedwetting.

Goodnites are designed with leg barriers and stretchy sides to keep leaks at bay. They are available in three sizes: XS for children weighing 28 to 45 pounds, M for kids 38-65 pounds, and L/XL for children over sixty pounds. They are more absorbent than other options, but they’re also thinner and less bulky.