Girl Jock Empress Chapter One Review

While the premise of Girl Jock Empress is a fascinating one, the book’s plot is riddled with implausible turns and character irredeemable decisions. There are several instances where one character’s personality abruptly switches from one to the next without reason. The ending is equally disappointing, and the reader will be left wondering whether or not the emperor is really a feisty, unforgiving figure.

Review of Girl Jock Empress

If you are a fan of sexy female characters, then Girl Jock Empress will surely please you. The story follows the lives of two female characters – a college student and a concubine. In the first book, she is a college student who is charming and flirtatious, honest and living life to the fullest. However, one day, she unexpectedly wakes up in an unfamiliar place and finds herself the “Empress”. She must show all the grace and elegance that the title suggests. She must do all this while staying with her husband. Then, she receives a mysterious message from the sky.

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Review of Hae-Sul

The review of Hae-Sul in Girl Jockey Empress chapter one is a bit of a mixed bag. Hae-sul is gorgeous during the day and a total heartbreaker at night, but she wakes up one morning as empress of a new world. She has to navigate her new life in the palace while staving off assassins and juggling a temperamental emperor. But she also has to deal with her heartbreak and her emotions, and she must make her way through this strange and unnerving world.

Review of the emperor

While the plot is interesting, I found the emperor to be irritating. During one scene, I thought he had drunkenly changed the character’s personality. I also found it weird how the emperor has such a dislike for the female lead, and then the next scene had the emperor favoring one of the female concubines. But I grew to love Rashta, despite her irritating and annoying personality.

The emperor for girl jock empreses was Rishar. He was cold-blooded, not shedding a tear on the battlefield or smirking at his servants in the palace. He had no time to fall in love and find his true love. Rishar had to be the best warrior he could be, so he was not one to waste time with useless, unimportant things. And yet he was a man who craved a natural encounter with his future lover.

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