The Ghetto Twiinz – Hip-Hop Duo Who Came of Age in the 1990s

The Ghetto Twiinz are a hip-hop duo who came of age in the 1990s. Their debut album, Surrounded By Criminals, was a cult hit that changed the face of hip-hop forever. Though a few of their songs were dated and stale, they were a sensation. In fact, they were so successful that they started a trend that still endures today.

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Founded in Houston, Texas, The Ghetto Twiinz are comprised of twin sisters Tonya Jupiter and Tremethia Jupiter. They have four studio albums, all of which have reached the Billboard Charts. Previously known as the Human Beinz, the group also included John “Dick” Belley, Joe “Ting” Markulin, Gary Coates, and Mel Pachuta. They later replaced Gary Coates with Mike Tatman.

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