Ghazi Shami Net Worth Revealed

The music industry is filled with stars and Ghazi Shami is one of them. He is a renowned music executive and founder of a record label. However, the singer has not revealed his exact net worth. In this article, we will reveal the estimated net worth of Ghazi Shami.

As a professional musician, Ghazi Shami has worked in a number of roles including producer, rapper and entrepreneur. In 2010, Ghazi Shami founded his own company, EMPIRE, which is a multi-million dollar business focused on hip-hop music. It distributes music through traditional record stores and also through Amazon.

In addition to being a record label boss, Ghazi Shami is also the CEO of Empire Distribution. This business has offices in Atlanta, Nashville, San Francisco, New York City and London. Besides music distribution, the company has partnerships with a variety of companies. One of the businesses is a digital marketing firm, Tangent International, which does promotional work for the company.

Ghazi Shami has a net worth of $30 million. He has earned his wealth from various successful companies. His main source of revenue is from Empire Information. Currently, he is putting the finishing touches on a recording studio located in Bryant Street, South of Market.

Aside from working for his own business, Shami also works as a system integration engineer at Tangent International. In fact, he was Young Dolph’s apprentice before his death. He also founded a recording company called Mo’Hits in 2004 with a lot of rappers. Although it is no longer active, Shami is a big supporter of his company. Moreover, his company’s roster has five nominations for the upcoming Grammy Awards.

He is also a member of the hip-hop group, the Federation, which he spent many nights with. Previously, he worked as an audio engineer at The Assembly Line. Before that, he studied at the College of San Mateo. Afterward, he received an Associate of Arts degree in Music Technology.

Since 2010, Shami has been the leader of Empire Records. Several musicians from the Empire roster have made it to the Billboard chart, including Kendrick Lamar, XXXTentacion, Sage the Gemini and Tyga. For example, the album “Way Up” by Kendrick Lamar was distributed by Empire. Another example is “Gas Pedal” by Sage the Gemini.

Despite his success, Shami prefers to lead a low-profile lifestyle. He rarely shares personal information, and his height, weight and other details are unknown. To be able to get a clear picture of his finances, we would need to wait until his weight and height are disclosed publicly.

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Although Ghazi Shami is not the richest music star in the world, he has managed to build a reputation as one of the most influential and illustrious record levels in the hip-bounce industry. He was the first to beat Lil Tim’s record, which he achieved eleven years ago. Hence, fans are eager to know more about his life and love.

While no official bio or Wikipedia page has been compiled, fans have a chance to learn more about the singer through the media. There are several social networking sites, like Twitter and Instagram, where he has a large number of followers.

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