George DuBose and the Go-Go’s

George DuBose shot more than 300 album covers. The Go-Go’s were an up-and-coming all-female rock band who were strapped for cash when he photographed their first album cover, Beauty and the Beat. After shooting the cover, the Go-Go’s manager returned the band’s wardrobe to Macy’s because the Go-Gos were broke. DuBose was a natural choice for the job.

Gina Schock’s voice

Gina Schock’s book “Made In Hollywood: All Access With the Go-Go’s” chronicles the band’s career in a visual manner and includes personal photos, memorabilia and images of the group. She even reveals the secrets of her singing voice and her life in the studio. It is a must-read for fans of the Go-Go’s.

Although her parents had warned her against cults, Schock resisted and posted her name in music stores on Sunset Boulevard. She got into bands as soon as she was old enough to go to the movies, and couch surfed with Steve Martin during an Edie & the Eggs tour. One year later, the Go-Go’s headlined the Merriweather Post Pavilion, and Schock still regards the performance as one of the top five shows of her life.

Her parents had a take-out breakfast and lunch joint on Clinton Street, adjacent to Pier One. Her parents often treated neighborhood kids to hayrides. They also held birthday parties on their screened back porch. The Schocks encouraged their daughter to start drumming in earnest. The young girl was a natural. However, the mother of their daughter, a musician, encouraged her to continue playing the drum.

Charlotte Caffey’s addiction to heroin

Charlotte Caffey, the guitarist for the Go-Go’s, was convicted of a series of crimes relating to substance abuse. She snorted heroin, was cross-eyed by 11 p.m., and used cocaine and alcohol to get high. But her behavior didn’t stop there. She also became addicted to cocaine and alcohol. Her addiction to heroin was so severe that she checked into rehab at age 22.

The Go-Gos’ success led them to England, where they landed a one-time deal with an independent British label. They released Caffey’s song, “We Got the Beat,” and it was a minor hit in the U.K., where it was covered extensively by People magazine. However, the rumor that led Caffey to take heroin was never confirmed, and she eventually lost her job.

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Caffey’s relationship with George DuBose

Appellant Harry T. Smith Caffey and Steiner, Crum Weil argued that DuBose did not violate the First Amendment because he used his photograph of George DuBose for his cover of the band’s first album. Appellant Caffey and DuBose are both New York-based musicians who were enamored of the band. Caffey was also a member of the Go-Go’s, a rising all-female rock band. Nevertheless, after the beauty of their cover, the band was strapped for cash. The band’s manager returned the band’s wardrobe to a Macy’s store, so the Go-Gos were able to buy their clothing from the famous department store.

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Age Barrier

The Go-Gos are a punk band who broke down gender and age barriers in the music industry. Their debut album Beauty and the Beat in Sounds broke several records, but was not recognised in the Rock and Roll hall of fame despite their remarkable talent and achievements. They also experienced sexism in the music industry, which is largely male. Despite their achievements, they were denied a record deal.

The band’s age and sexism issues made headlines worldwide. In a 1982 Rolling Stone cover story, the Go-Gos were photographed in their underwear. The headline read “Go-Go’s Put Out.” This headline was completely out of their control, and the band was upset. In the documentary, Carlisle and other members of the band make a mockery of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.