How to Apply GardX Wash and Wax and Conserver

If you want your car to look its best and look as if it is brand new, learn how to apply GardX Wash and Wax and Conserver. Also, read about the GardX Tyre Guard and remove bird droppings. These three products will help you keep your car looking its best. They are both easy to apply and will give your car that new car look. In addition, they are safe for your paintwork, so you won’t need to worry about bird droppings or rust.

GardX Wash and Wax

Designed to protect your vehicle against bird droppings, tar and road grime, GardX Wash and Wax Stage 1 and 2 provide the ultimate paint and fabric protection. The durable finish created by GardX will ensure you never have to polish your vehicle again. It is ideal for any season, and comes in convenient travel sizes. And because GardX is a wash additive, you can use it every month without the hassle of polishing.

The first step of a proper wash is the preparation of a cleaning sponge. The wash sponge should be rinsed after each use, and the bucket should have a grit guard to prevent loose debris from clinging to the sponge. Next, you must apply the GardX Bird Dropping Remover, which neutralises the acidity and removes bird droppings from paintwork.

The paintwork on your car has tiny imperfections, known as ‘castellations.’ These imperfections attract dirt and oil, degrading the paintwork. The GardX wash and wax stage 1 and stage 2 protect your vehicle by creating an invisible protective coating. This system also prevents paintwork from fading. The process is patented and uses Nanotechnology to produce a high gloss protective coating.

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GardX Conserver

Conserver is a unique product which combines both Stage 1 and Stage 2. It is designed to be applied to your car on a monthly basis, and coats the individual fibres with a protective layer. This invisible coating protects your car from the effects of dirt, grease and liquid spills. When applied to your car, it will leave it looking like new, without the hassle of polishing.

This unique system has two stages, with the first stage absorbing into the paintwork’s molecules. The second stage bonds with Stage 1 and provides a high-gloss, protective coating. The finish is exceptionally clean, and is easy to maintain. There’s no need to sand or polish the car afterwards; GardX is a perfect solution. After applying GardX, you can use the Micro Fibre Cloths to dry the car.

GardX Tyre Guard

GardX Tyre Guard helps you re-inflate tyres without taking them off your car. It also repels rain, causing it to bead and run off. Winter can be tough on tyres, as cold temperatures can affect their pressure. Using GardX Tyre Guard can prevent costly emergency call-outs and improve fuel efficiency. It is available in two stages: stage one and stage two.

The GardX Vehicle Protection System provides long-lasting protection and protects your car’s paintwork. The product’s four-layer formula protects your car against dirt, oil, grease, and liquid spills. The interior of your vehicle is also protected with the GardX Leather Exterior, which hides stains and moisturises leather. Glass Guard is designed to protect glass surfaces from bugs and smudges.

GardX Tyre Guard remove bird droppings

When removing bird droppings from vehicles, GardX Tyre Guard can help repair a puncture, as well as preventing future ones. The device connects to a tyre valve and inflates the tyre when it becomes punctured, providing a safe and temporary repair. Bird droppings can permanently damage a vehicle’s paintwork, but GardX’s paint protection system delays this corrosive damage. The Bird Dropping Remover softens and neutralises bird droppings, and restores paint protection.

Bird droppings are difficult to remove and can cause significant damage to your car’s paintwork, especially if it’s not removed in a timely manner. GardX Tyre Guard helps to prevent the damage caused by bird droppings while providing a high-gloss showroom finish. The formula of the product is water-based and is environmentally-friendly. It also works great on upholstery and carpets.

As with other car paints, bird droppings can also damage the paintwork on a vehicle. Their acidic pH levels and abrasive nature make them dangerous for vehicles. As a result, they can gradually eat away at the clear coat, causing a semi-permanent etch. In addition, bird droppings are abrasive and can damage a vehicle’s paintwork.

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