Fun Facts About Lucy Aston

Lucy Aston is a British actress and character who has starred in numerous movies and television series. She is most recognized for her roles in By the Sword Divided and Waiting for God. She was also a prominent character in the 1984 film Leaving. Born in London, she has an age that has not been publicly revealed. Her hobbies include learning, playing guitar, and dancing. Here are some fun facts about Lucy Aston.

The actress has been married twice, once to actor Martin Clunes in 1990 and once to actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers in 1997. As of this writing, Lucy Aston is possibly single. Her previous relationship with actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was unsuccessful and ended when the actor resigned. The two have two daughters and are currently separated. Lucy Aston is a member of the BAFTA and BWW Awards, and she is currently working on a new book.

Lucy Aston was born N/A years ago. She is five feet four inches tall and weighs 57kg. Her eyes and hair are brown. Her parents did not disclose their names. She was married to Martin Clunes in 1990 and they divorced in 1997. She is from England and has N/A followers on YouTube. She has a combined following of N/A on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.