Five Essential Pieces of Tech for Your Home

In 2022 the home is a place that is used for many different purposes. It is generally a bustle of activity in the mornings as preparations take place to start the working day or to get the children ready for school. In the evenings, it can be a place of sanctuary to unwind after a stressful office day and catch up with the daily events of those nearest and dearest.

Thankfully now, the restrictions that were once in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic seem to be lifted. The home can also be a place to entertain friends and guests once more. Home technology can dramatically improve the functionality of any house and can make everyday tasks a lot easier. In this article, five key pieces of home technology will be discussed that can improve both the style and practicality of any home.

A 2-in-1 laptop

In the early days of home computing, a large and heavy computer would sit in many homes for home office work or early gaming. Today, most households have tablet devices with touch screens, lightweight laptops that serve as work-from-home devices, internet surfing, online shopping, and streaming the latest films.

However, in 2022, more homes are starting to benefit from the convenience of a tablet device with the power of a traditional laptop. 2-in-1 devices with a touch screen and all the functionality of a laptop are becoming increasingly popular for home use. The range of convertible laptops at offers ease of intuitive use with full computer functionality and makes a range of household activities quick and efficient.

Home cinema projectors

Millions of people love the excitement of watching a favorite film in a cinema but trips to see the latest blockbuster can be quite expensive when all costs are considered. Many homeowners today are looking to invest in cinema technology that can faithfully recreate all the fun of a cinema experience at home.

The price of projectors has fallen dramatically in recent years as the technology has improved. Today, in 2022, most homeowners can afford a home cinema setup that will not cost a fortune. Projectors that deliver crisp HD visuals are available to suit a wide range of budgets and can turn any film night or box set binge into an event. Here are some of the best home cinema projectors in 2022.  

Voice-activated speaker systems

The days of buying music in a physical format, such as a compact disk, are largely gone. Today millions of people stream their music, and the idea of a record collection for many people is a fading memory. However, one benefit of modern streaming platforms is that they allow the playing of millions of tracks of the world’s best music from a voice-operated speaker system. There are a range of such devices on the market in 2022, and with a small monthly subscription, the user can play all their favorite music from across the decades simply by voice commands. Modern voice-activated speaker systems are inexpensive and produce high-quality sound. Popular options include the amazon Alexa devices and a similar range provided by internet search engine Google. See here for some of the best voice-activated speakers available today.

4K Television

Only a few years ago, 4K televisions were out of most people’s price range as the technology was innovative, and they were seen as high-end premium products. Thankfully today, there are a wide range of 4K TVs to suit most budgets.

While there was a definite leap in picture quality from standard definition to high definition, it is worth remembering that 4K vision offers around four times better resolution than a normal high definition screen. Watching the best series on TV is dramatically improved when seeing the pictures in 4K, and most viewers find that it significantly enhances the overall viewing experience.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Most homeowners will agree that the weekly routine of vacuuming their homes is a tedious and time-consuming task. In 2022 robot vacuum cleaners have come from the stuff of science fiction to reality and a wide range of models are now available to purchase. The technology is such that the robotic vacuum cleaners will deftly navigate around household objects, and many can be programmed to clean the home on regular schedules so that people do not even need to be at home to start them! Here are some of the best robotic vacuum cleaners in 2022 that will make keeping the home clean and tidy a lot easier.

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