Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married

Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married is a Korean Webcomic. It is based on a webnovel by Hong Hee su. Written by Yuri and illustrated by Roal, the story focuses on a young girl named Juvelian and her relationship with her father. If you’re looking for a fun, romantic read, this is the comic book for you!

Juvelian’s relationship with her father

In “Juvelian’s Relationship with Her Father,” Juvelian’s relationship with her father is one of angst. Juvelian is a rascal, although she had a decent family. Though she was a beautiful girl, Juvelian had little skill and was not very good at anything. Juvelian was also inept in the ways of proper etiquette, which is why she allowed Hessen to associate with her son.

Until his mother’s death, Juvelian had never seen her father fall in love. But, when she was a young girl, Juvelian had never seen her father in love, and she’ll make sure that his happiness is kept in the Floyen Duchy by getting Maximilian involved. But, Regis can’t do that. Instead, he should accept his fate and sit down in a luxurious room and accept Juvelian’s love for him.

Juvelian’s father doesn’t seem to approve of her new boyfriend. He doesn’t seem serious enough to propose marriage to his daughter, but her boyfriend secretly comes to the family home to make things happen. Juvelian is a smart girl, but she’s a weak-willed teen. Besides, she’s probably not ready to start a family of her own.

While Regis’ relationship with Jubelian is complex, his love for her is unwavering. Although he loves her dearly, he maintains a distance from her in order to protect her from being hurt by any man. He brags about Jubelian to his disciple Maximilian Kasin Ashet, the young crown prince. However, this distance doesn’t stop Regis from being affectionate with Jubelian.

Juvelian’s relationship with her lover

Juvelian returns home to find her lover, Max, in her arms. Regis had tried to prevent the two from interacting, and has been trying to stop them ever since they met. Jubel describes how they met on their first night, and Regis glares at him and demands that Max not see Jubel. Max reluctantly agrees. Jubel and Max kiss on the first night, and the next night, Regis is furious and demands that Max not see Jubel again.

The two have a conversation, but the discussion is vague. Max is clearly not the person Jubelian is looking for. He needs more power and influence. He also repeatedly tells Jubelian to stay away from him, and threatens to burn all correspondence between the two. While Max and Jubelian continue to be vague about their relationship, Max realizes that Juvelian needs protection, and he wants to protect her.

While Regis’s cold personality makes him hard to love, he has a soft side for Jubelian. Although he is strict to most people, he has a soft side for his daughter. He is strict when it comes to his knights and when it comes to putting Jubelian in danger. However, despite his strictness, Regis does love Jubelian, and even brags about her to his disciple, Maximilian Kasin Ashet.