Exide Battery Review

Exide battery is one of the leading manufacturers of lead-acid automotive batteries. It is also a leading manufacturer of marine and RV batteries. It even produces submarine batteries. The company provides a four to six-year warranty on their products. In case of any failure, the company will replace the battery or reimburse the user for the trouble.

Exide is a leading manufacturer of lead-acid automotive batteries

Exide automotive batteries are reliable, maintenance-free, and durable. They come with warranties of three to four years. Plus, they’re made in the United States. The company has multiple manufacturing facilities throughout the country.

It is also a leading manufacturer of marine and RV batteries

Exide is one of the oldest battery companies in the world and provides batteries to a wide variety of industries. Its marine batteries powered wakeless torpedoes during World War II and are used to power solar systems and vehicles today. The company also produces lithium-ion batteries for motorcycles, motorcycle accessories, and lawn and garden equipment.

It manufactures submarine batteries

Exide is one of the few firms in the world that manufacture submarine batteries, including the Type-II and Type-IV batteries used in the Indian Navy’s Type 209 submarine. The company also supplies batteries for French and German submarines. The company’s high-end batteries for submarines can reach 20,000 Ah in capacity. These batteries have received certification from the Rubin Design Bureau, and they meet strict Russian standards.

It offers a warranty of four to six years

When a battery breaks down, Exide will replace it for free, or if the battery is beyond its useful life, for a pro-rata refund. This warranty is based on the original date of purchase, and applies to all Exide batteries.

It has an online purchase portal

Exide batteries are available at a low price on their online purchase portal. This allows you to make your purchase from the comfort of your home. You can choose your car model and type from the menu that appears on the website and compare different battery types.

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It has a good reputation

Exide is one of the leading car battery brands, offering a variety of premium options for your vehicle. Their lineup includes lead-acid and absorbent glass mat batteries, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Buying from Exide is a great way to get a quality product for a reasonable price.

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