Examples of a 2019 D Quarter Error

A double-died coin is one example of a 2019 d quarter error. This error occurs when the die that impressed the design on the coin slips or is knocked out of alignment during production. In addition, the obverse is printed with the date of sale for the year 2018, but the reverse has an error that is not related to the design of the coin. However, some coins with these errors still have value.

A double-die coin from the year 2009 gained a lot of popularity in the hobby, and many collectors included it in their collections of state quarters. During spring 2009, double-die quarters sold for hundreds of dollars. Currently, circulated 2009-D coins trade for $75. Besides the double-die coin, every other coin on this list is a state quarter error. Each State Quarter has a different design on its obverse.

Wisconsin State Quarters released in 2004 had a similar mistake. A leaf was added to the ear of corn in some coins. Interestingly, two varieties of Wisconsin State Quarters were discovered. One variety had the leaf facing downward while the other had it facing upward. All of the Wisconsin State Quarters were made by the Denver Mint. While the reason for the error is unknown, a quarter with an extra leaf could prove to be an important collectible coin.

While the number of these rare coins is less, their value is tremendous. The values of error coins can range anywhere from five to twenty dollars. The price of a coin with an error varies greatly based on its condition, but some errors are worth several hundred dollars. A coin with a die crack in the center of the coin can be worth anywhere from $5 to $20. However, the average State Quarter has a value of only $0.25.