Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth

Evangelos Marinakis is a successful director and a Greek businessman, best known for the ownership of the English football club Nottingham Forest. He has also been involved in several family controlled businesses in the shipping industry. In addition, he has a number of other interests.

Evangelos Marinakis was born in Piraeus, Greece, on July 30, 1967. His father, Miltiadis, was a ship owner. The two men have a close relationship. Evangelos credits his father for shaping his character and for creating a code of values. He studied at the American International University in London and earned a BA in International Business Administration.

Before Evangelos started his career as a director, he worked as a commercial manager for Capital Ship Management Corp., a New York Stock Exchange listed company. In addition to his work in the shipping business, he has been involved with several other ventures. These include a global delivery organization, and auxiliary firms.

In May 2014, Evangelos was elected to the city council in Piraeus. He was one of the first to serve on the council. During his time in the city council, he has also been involved in numerous causes. This includes funding a museum dedicated to the Greek author Nikos Kazantzakis.

One of Evangelos Marinakis’ other major interests involves his love for the city of Piraeus. He has financed a number of causes, including the construction of a bust of Alexander Ypsilantis in Athens. And, he has pledged to donate EUR80,000 per year for ten years to a museum dedicated to the famous Greek author.

As a ship owner, Evangelos has amassed a large fortune. He owns the Amore Mio boats, which are big haulers for oil. He has also been involved in the transportation of fossil fuels from Russia. He has been the largest shipowner in the oceanic region.

Evangelos Marinakis is married to Athanasia Marinaki. They have four children. They live in London and Athens. While there is no clear evidence that the two are romantically involved, they are reportedly dating. However, he prefers to keep his personal life private.

Evangelos is a lyricist as well. He wrote the lyrics for a song called “Excitement”, which was recorded by Natassa Theodoridou in February 2021. It achieved 1 million views within six days of its release.

Aside from his professional involvement, Evangelos has a passion for music. He owns a house in London. He has a collection of Range Rovers. Moreover, he owns two yachts. In fact, he is considered a vehicle freak. But, he claims that his primary source of income is his business.

According to Forbes, Evangelos Marinakis’ net worth is around $630 million. However, his actual net worth may vary considerably. It is based on the combination of social and financial factors. Nevertheless, Evangelos is the richest director in Greece.

Evangelos Marinakis is currently the CEO of Capital Products Partners, an international shipping firm. His firm has more than 70 vessels. He has also been involved in the LNG market.

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