How Does ESPN Fantasy Football Defense Scoring Work?

How does ESPN fantasy football defense scoring work? While you may be accustomed to the “tackles for loss” and “stuffs” categories, you might not know how to use them properly. Here’s a quick overview. Besides “tackles for loss,” defense also gets a separate Standard Points column. The difference is subtle, but it makes a difference in your team’s fantasy standing.

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In the previous edition of ESPN fantasy football, defense/special teams units were docked points only for points that the offense scored. This change has been criticized by traditionalists, but ESPN has corrected this issue. Unlike most fantasy leagues, you will no longer be penalized for fumble recoveries or pick sixs. In addition, defensive touchdowns and two-point conversions will continue to count against you. This change can make or break your fantasy season.

The scoring system varies from league to league, but overall, defensive players still have the biggest impact on your team’s total points. However, different strategies may be more effective than others. Whether your team’s defense has an effective scheme or is a weak point, every point counts towards your team’s total points. And while the scoring system varies between different leagues, the total point allotment generally remains consistent.

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