Embossed Number Plate

An Embossed number plate is a vehicle identification number that contains an RFID microchip embedded in it. These plates are camera readable and cost more than a standard number plate. Starting July 16, they will become mandatory for all vehicles. You can read more about this type of plate below. It is a smart move, but there are some things you should know before buying one.

Embossed number plate is embedded with an RFID microchip

Embossed number plates are being produced in a bid to

make them more secure. The microchips in these plates will contain information about the driver and the vehicle. It is thought that these chips could help combat cloning and car theft. But the issue is still uncertain.

The chips will store information about the vehicle owner, location, and condition. They will also connect to a gate reader to provide the government with the exact location of the vehicle. The machine will then be able to read the details on the chip and will be able to pinpoint the vehicle at a glance.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and Transport says that the embossed number plates are an important part of the country’s transportation system. The government’s goal is to ensure uniformity in number plate issuance, which will help manage traffic and prevent duplication. Embossed number plates will also enable the tracking of vehicles with the help of tracking software, which will be managed by the country’s security agency.

It is camera-readable

A camera-readable embossed number plate is an important part of an automobile’s identification system. This type of number plate includes a microchip linked to the vehicle’s GPS system. This helps authorities keep digital records of all vehicles, collect revenue on time, and control auto theft. Initially, the project was included in the Three-Year Interim Plan for 2007-2010, but stalled after the Commission on Investigation of Abuse of Authority intervened.

Before you can apply for a camera-readable embossed number plate, you’ll need to complete the application form. This can be done online by visiting the Department of Transport Management website. The website will ask you for some basic information, including the vehicle’s registration date and the type of vehicle. You’ll also need to complete a captcha.

In Canada, cameras can read the number plate with a camera. The embossed number plate is mandatory in every province except province one. The Department of Transport Management (DOTM) has yet to fully implement the infrastructure necessary for this new system to work. This infrastructure will include a control room and data center, as well as a device that reads the number plate.

It costs more than regular number plates

If you are looking to buy a license plate, there are several different options available. In the United Arab Emirates, for example, wealthy consumers can purchase license plates that are in demand. Some of these plates can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars, so having one of these is a real treat.

Most of the time, the price of an embossed number plate is higher than that of a regular one. However, there are some instances where an engraved plate can cost even more. In some places, such as Dubai, a plate featuring a ‘1’ costs more than a regular one.

If you’d like to get a special license plate, you should also be aware that some states charge a higher fee than others. The fee will also depend on the type of plate you’d like. For example, a state might charge one fee for a standard plate, while a separate fee is charged for a plate celebrating a state school or culture, or a veteran’s license plate. Custom, or vanity, license plates will always cost more than a standard plate.

It is mandatory for all vehicles starting July 16

Starting July 16, all vehicles will be required to display an embossed number plate. The policy has been met with mixed reactions. Many transport entrepreneurs have opposed the policy, calling it a desperate attempt to increase revenue. But it is the most scientific way to regulate vehicles.

The embossed plate is camera-readable and contains a microchip connected to the vehicle’s GPS system. It helps keep track of vehicles, collect revenue, and prevent duplication of number plates. However, critics of the government’s new decision claim that the embossed plates are just an attempt to squeeze more revenue out of vehicle operators.

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The government has only finalized regulations for five provinces. The rest will be notified in the coming weeks. In the meantime, customers can place their orders for an embossed number plate. They can have their plates delivered in two to three days.

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