Elizabeth Holmes Net Worth 2021

As the founder of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes has already made a fortune. After raising $6 million in venture capital, the company had amassed $92 million by 2010. While running Theranos without a press release or company website, Holmes was able to increase its value in 2013 after partnering with Walgreens to create in-store blood collection centers. As a result, media attention and Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth soared. By the following year, she appeared in numerous magazines and was named the youngest self-made billionaire in history. At that time, Forbes estimated her net worth at $4.5 billion, but after she was accused of fraud, the figure was revised downward to $3 billion.

Elizabeth Holmes’s net worth is expected to rise to $5 billion by 2021, based on her royalties from Theranos and her hefty salary from Theranos. The former actress has yet to reveal her sexual orientation, but it is likely that she is heterosexual. Holmes’ net worth is expected to skyrocket as her name becomes more recognizable and she becomes the most valuable woman in Hollywood.

Despite her inflated net worth, she remains a hot property. The actress has a wealth of 80 patents, and has lived a lavish lifestyle for the past decade. However, it’s unlikely that she will hit Forbes’ list any time soon. After all, she has a recent SEC settlement that prohibits her from serving as a public company officer for 10 years.

The recent scandal surrounding Holmes has lowered her net worth significantly, but she remains one of the richest people in Hollywood. She has been accused of fraud and scamming while raising more than $700 million from investors. In fact, her company is worth nearly $10 billion. Holmes’ net worth is derived largely from the success of her blood-testing startup Theranos. The alleged scandal has also affected her relationship with her husband, who was a hotel heir.

Her father, Christian Holmes, was a vice-president of Enron, a company that went bankrupt after an accounting scandal. Earlier in her life, Christian Holmes held executive positions in various government agencies. He is of Hungarian and Danish ancestry. Holmes’ mother, meanwhile, is a Congressional committee staffer. In 2021, her net worth will grow to $1 billion.

The American entrepreneur was born in 1984 and attended St. John’s School in Houston. She went on to attend Stanford University but never earned her college degree. Despite this, she went on to found two successful companies: Theranos and Real-Time Cures. She had an estimated net worth of $1.4 billion at the time of her first public appearance in July 2021. If the company continues to grow at this rate, she can expect to retire from the first job, which she is doing for the foreseeable future.

The company Elizabeth Holmes founded, Theranos, is now in the process of acquiring a new investor. This new investor is paying Holmes a significant sum of money to purchase the company. In addition to Theranos, Holmes also owns several hotel properties in Palo Alto. It is believed that the company is owed $25 million by its investors. Elizabeth Holmes’ net worth is expected to double by 2021, despite the shaky economy.