Drawings of Thor’s Hammer

As a fan of Norse mythology, you probably enjoy the tales of gods, mortals, and epic feats. Among these is the god of thunder, Thor. This god is most famous for his hammer, which he calls Mjolnir. With Marvel comic appearances, the god has also seen a resurgence in popularity. Drawing the god’s hammer can be a lot of fun, and it is one of the most famous aspects of the Norse god.

Thor’s hammer is one of the most popular features of the Norse god, and renditions of it can be found on a number of children’s toys. Even today, some believers in ancient Norse beliefs believe in the power of Thor and wear pendants of the hammer as a symbol of their faith. In fact, the day Thursday, which is Thor’s day, is actually named after the Roman god Jupiter. This is a nod to the similarity between the two gods. If you want to draw Thor’s hammer on paper, you’ll need a pencil, eraser, and crayons.

A handle is an essential part of the hammer, as it makes it more difficult to wield without it. A straight line is a good starting point for drawing this piece, as it will end with a rounded portion. Then, follow up the handle by drawing curved lines that resemble leather. Once you’ve completed the drawing, you can color it and add your own design ideas.