DJ Screw Net Worth

DJ Screw’s net worth is quite large, especially considering his popularity. Hundreds of mixtapes featuring his distinctive style of slowed-down sound and repetitive key lines have made him a household name. He has been able to maintain this net worth over the years thanks to his success. But what does his net worth really represent? Let’s look at his history and his sources of income. How much does DJ Screw earn?

Robert Earl Davis Jr.

Born in Bastrop, Texas, Robert Earl Davis Jr. was the son of a long-haul truck driver and a housewife. He spent his childhood bouncing back and forth between the Texas town and Houston, California, where he later went to school. As a child, he was drawn to classical music and his mother’s blues and R&B records, but in his early twenties hip-hop caught his attention.

The music that inspired Robert Earl began in his parents’ music collection. His father was a truck driver, and he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. After hearing his mother’s music, he switched his career goals. He found her turntable and began scratching B.B. King and Johnnie Taylor’s records on it. He began experimenting with sound and started jamming with his cousin Trey Adkins.

Lil Flip

While you might not know this, DJ Screw Lil Flip is an American rapper who has been making waves on the music scene for many years. His hit songs have been the subject of countless videos and he is also a highly sought-after producer. He has a net worth of $2 million, but is still quite unknown to the general public. This article will discuss some of the facts about his net worth and career.

It is unclear how much of his net worth is derived from his career. The rapper is not known for his formal education but went to Worthing High School. There are also rumors of a child from his previous relationship. Lil Flip is currently living in Houston, Texas. While there is a lot of speculation surrounding his personal life, there are few details available regarding his net worth. As you can see, the rapper’s net worth is based on his rapping and other activities.

Rap-a-Lot Records

DJ Screw’s net worth comes from his involvement in hip hop culture, especially the rap genre. As a kid, Screw grew up listening to his mother’s R&B, funk, and blues records. This love for music has remained with him throughout his career. His mixtapes feature artists like Teddy Pendergrass, Parliament, and more. The rapper is also known for his fierce rivalry with Lil’ Flip, who claimed the title of ‘Freestyle King’.

His popularity skyrocketed after he started making hip-hop instrumentals, introducing south side Houston rappers to ‘breakbeat’ beats. He also formed a rap group, Dead End Alliance, and the later Screwed Up Click. Unfortunately, he was tragically killed by a lethal combination of codeine and drugs. His Rap-a-Lot Records net worth is estimated at around $80 million.


The net worth of Rap-a-Lot DJ Screw has fluctuated in recent years. The Houston, Texas, native has earned money from independent tapes, tours, and other business ventures. His work has influenced the careers of many other rappers, including Solange Knowles, Travis Scott, and Beyonce. He is currently worth an estimated $120 million. A few years ago, he was reported to have a net worth of $20 million.

During his career, DJ Screw accumulated a large net worth through his record sales. His popularity grew over the years and his music was reissued on CD by Houston’s Big Tyme. In 1995, he sold more than a million albums and was praised for his rapping. He never worked in the traditional music industry but he did help other rappers secure record deals.

Screwed Up Records and Tapes

DJ Screw’s net worth has increased greatly in recent years, as he’s become a household name and a pioneer of hip hop in Houston. The late rapper died of an accidental codeine overdose in 2000, but his influence was recognized on a regional level for more than a decade. When Houston hip hop began to gain international attention in 2005, it was the work of Screw that became recognized across the world. His distinct musical style has inspired countless hip hop artists.

In addition to his own tapes, DJ Screw has established several retail locations in Texas. He’s also a collaborator with Bird, who is still a household name. The DJ’s business still continues to do well, despite his death. In fact, one of Screw’s last acts was the release of over 15,000 mixtapes in one day. His net worth is largely due to the success of the company, as the artist’s rap music has continued to gain popularity and a loyal following.

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DJ Screw’s legacy

While the sound of DJ Screw’s music has become synonymous with Houston, his legacy is far more widespread. While the slowed-down reverb sound that he created has become synonymous with hip-hop, it also has a global appeal. Artists from Lady Gaga to Drake have embraced this style. These are just a few of the artists whose music influenced DJ Screw’s sound. In this piece, I’ll discuss some of his most notable contributions to the music world.

Isaac Yowman grew up in Houston surrounded by music culture. He focused the film on Screw’s early life, a time that was also a significant part of Houston’s musical identity. Screw also contributed to the city’s NBA championships, so he opted to make All Screwed Up a Houston production. The death of George Floyd, who was close with DJ Screw and had rapped on Screw tapes, led to renewed interest in the musician.