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DJ Camilo is a Colombian boy from Queens who has documented his journey as a DJ. He is a married father of two and part-owner of Blend in Long Island City, Queens. He plays multiple clubs six nights a week and has performed at exclusive parties in Cannes, summer jam, and trendy NYC clubs. Camilo age: He was 12 when he started to DJ. He has since played in several countries and has hosted shows on HOT 97.

Camilo was a DJ at the age of 12

Camilo was a DJ at the tender age of 12 and quickly earned his place on Hot 97’s roster. He was soon hosting his own show, “Take It to the Streets,” and in 2002, he was asked to fill in on DJ Enuff’s Heavy Hitter Hour on Friday nights. In the years that followed, Camilo became a prominent figure in the Latin urban music scene, fusing the two demographics. He also hosts the daily “New at 2” show for Hot 97, providing listeners with fresh music all day long.

Born Juan Camilo Sanchez in Queens, New York, Camilo was introduced to turntables at a young age. After learning to use them, he began to release mixtapes, and at just a young age, his debut mixtape was a hit. Camilo’s debut mixtape gained him a following and he began to DJ in NYC clubs. He eventually joined the DJ group “Heavy Hitters” with DJ Enuff.

He has hosted shows on HOT 97

Since 2001, DJ Camilo has been a staple on Hot 97’s roster, hosting the Saturday night show, “Take It to the Streets,” as well as filling in on DJ Enuff’s show occasionally. In addition to his regular shows on HOT 97, Camilo also hosts a daily show, “New at 2,” which offers listeners new music on a daily basis.

DJ Camilo, born Juan Camilo Sanchez, is a radio personality and one of the world’s most influential Latin urban music DJs. He’s a native of Colombia and has appeared on TV shows and radio programs in London, Paris, Saint Tropez, Amsterdam, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Finland, Italy, and many other cities. His radio show, “Taking It to the Streets,” is one of the most popular on the station, and his monthly mixtapes have garnered thousands of fans.

Besides his radio show, Camilo owns and operates a restaurant in Long Island City called Blend. The restaurant has grown into a successful chain with three locations: Blend on the Water and Blend Astoria. He also opened a pizzeria in Long Island City in 2015.

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He has played in many countries

Known as the International Club King, DJ Camilo has played all over the world. In 2010 he was partnered with Diddy and Ciroc Vodka, which resulted in him being featured in an ad campaign across the United States. He recently joined the Heineken Red Star Access Tour, where he performed alongside G.O.O.D. and other well-known artists.

This Colombian-American DJ has played in many cities and countries. He has performed in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Saint Tropez, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain, among many others. Camilo has also performed at the Closing Party of the San Sebastian Cinema Festival and has toured many countries in Latin America. This impressive list of destinations has earned him the title of International Club King. It’s no wonder he’s played in so many countries around the world.

Born and raised in Queens, Colombia, DJ Camilo has made his mark on the music scene. He currently hosts “The Heavy Hitter Hour” and has his own Saturday night show on Hot 97. He has also filled in for other artists, such as DJ Enuff, on the Rush Hour show. He is one of the few DJs to merge two very different demographics live on the air. Camilo has performed in many countries, from intimate clubs in New York to exclusive parties in Cannes.
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He is married to Evaluate Montaner

DJ Camilo and Evaluate Montaner are getting married in Miami in February 2020. The two met when Camilo hired her to host an event in Bogota, Colombia. Since then, the couple has been sharing updates about their relationship on social media. Despite their busy schedules, they still find time to spend together. And they’ve shared some adorable moments together, including a video of a sunset that Evaluna posted to her Instagram account.

Evaluna Montaner wore a floor-length veil on her wedding day and later revealed her natural makeup to the world. Camilo, meanwhile, looked dashing in his black suit and matching shoes with a white shirt underneath. In a post on their respective Instagram pages, the couple shared a picture of themselves and captioned it with the wedding date. The photos received nearly 500 thousand likes.

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