Discreet Vape Packaging

There are a few ways to get discreet vape packaging. Luckily, most companies are pretty good at this! These packages will come in unmarked envelopes or bubble wrapped mailers, without any branding on them. That means you can safely smoke without worrying about anyone noticing. But what about if you want to order from an international store? Well, you will need to pay duty and customs fees if you live outside of the US.

Using a resealable box for your disposable vape cartridges is a great idea, too. These boxes are completely disposable, which makes them a great choice for those looking to keep their vapes safe and discreet. Plus, these packages can be quite attractive! The packaging also needs to be durable and airtight, which keeps your product fresh and protected. Those are just a few of the reasons why you should use a resealable box for your disposable vapes.

Once you’ve placed your order, Breazy will begin processing it as soon as possible. You can view your order status by visiting the shipping page, which contains a link to a tracking page. USPS packages have a separate tracking facility. Breazy will not regard your purchase as final until the shipping process has begun. If you decide to wait a few days before canceling your order, you’ll still be able to receive your discreet vapes without worrying about them being resold.

Discreet vape packaging is the easiest way to make sure no one will notice your vaping. The e-cigarette itself is not noticeable, and you can use a discreet pen to avoid being detected. Disposable pens also don’t give off a lingering odor. That’s an important feature for discreet vaping. That’s why these types of packaging are so convenient. However, they also tend to be more expensive than resealable units.

While some products can be shipped discretely, some products are particularly costly and a prime target for theft. Some are just plainly embarrassing to carry around, so it’s vital to choose discreet packaging. Regardless of the product, choosing a discreet vape box is a good way to avoid embarrassment or theft. It’s not uncommon to lose packages when shopping online, so you need to be extra careful when choosing packaging.