Is a 1984-D Dime Worth the Price?

If you’re in the market to buy a coin, consider the value of a 1984-D dime. The pristine condition of this coin will fetch you upwards of $2.55. If your coin has a clipped planchet, it’s worth around $30. If it’s missing its mint mark, it can fetch more than $1,500. So, is a 1984-D dime worth the price?

In order to understand how much a 1984-D Roosevelt dime is worth, you’ll need to consider its grade. The United States Mint grades these coins according to a Sheldon Scale. The Sheldon Scale assigns a numerical rating from one to 70. Coins that receive a 60 grade or higher are considered mint state coins and therefore valuable. The value of 25 most valuable dimes is eight and a half million dollars.

While many types of dimes are highly sought after for their resale value, some are not worth as much as others. Barber and mercury dimes are valuable if the nickel layer is still intact, while copper dimes may sell for one to six cents. Copper dimes are generally worth more than the face value. If you have a 1982-D dime, you should consider selling it at a coin auction for that value.

In the early 1980s, the Philadelphia Mint began applying mint marks to dimes. 1982-D dimes without the “P” mint mark are more valuable than their counterparts. However, don’t get tempted to buy a 1982-D dime because of its lack of mint mark. It is possible to find a genuine one, but beware of counterfeits and altered coins. Always be sure to use a reputable coin dealer or third-party grading service to verify your dime’s authenticity.

The value of a 1984-D dime depends on its condition and grade. Uncirculated ones are worth approximately $50-$150 each, while proof coins command much higher values. If you can get an MS67 or an MS68 coin, it’s worth more than $1,600. If you’re looking to collect these coins, consider buying sets. For the best value, you should aim for coins that are in the MS67 and MS68 grades.