Did James Kennedy Inherit Money From George Michael Kennedy?

Did James Kennedy inherit money from his father, Michael Kennedy? In his will, Michael left money to his son, James. At the time, he denied ever receiving the money, but that wasn’t the whole story. His family’s financial struggles were the focus of his memoir, “Remember, when George and Jackie Kennedy Were Born.” His father was a successful music business manager, but he failed to make enough money to keep the family afloat. James was often seen lamenting the family’s financial troubles, while working in the service industry.

The estate of the late singer George Michael has a large number of beneficiaries, but some of the beneficiaries have not been named publicly. Michael’s brother, James’s brother, and the late singer Melanie Kennedy could also be in the running for the money. Whether or not James inherits money from Michael’s estate is up to speculation, but it would be an interesting and surprising story.

The estate is expected to be divided between his godchildren. Several of them are the offspring of his celebrity friends. Some are the Roman Kemp, the grandson of Shirlie Holliman, and Harley Kemp, the son of Spandau Ballet bassist Martin Kemp. The two had been scheduled to meet on Boxing Day Monday. While the date of this meeting may have been too early, Roman Kemp said he knew Michael since childhood and would be the most grateful heir.

Although there is no evidence that James was involved with Raquel’s father, his romance with Raquel was long-lasting. The couple began dating in 2017 and got engaged in May 2021. The couple split a year later in December. Raquel Leviss was not married to James in May 2021, although she is now a celebrity. She was rumored to have cheated on James during their relationship.

George Michael and James Kennedy’s father were close when the young Kennedys were growing up in England. Andros Georgiou, George Michael’s former manager, and the President’s father were also close friends. In addition to being close, they also became godfathers. George Michael helped James Kennedy take his first bath. So, does this mean that James Kennedy inherited money from George Michael?

But is this inheritance truly what he says it is? While the late singer’s estate is worth millions of dollars, James Kennedy is rumored to have received a portion of the estate. But the truth is far stranger. The estate of George Michael and James Kennedy’s father is a complicated story, and it is difficult to know what happened to the deceased singer’s money.

On “Vanderpump Rules,” James Kennedy is a member of the cast, and the show has been the scene of several dramas involving the Kennedys. His relationship with Kristen Doute is particularly problematic, as she publicly criticized and encouraged him to cheat. After the breakup, James had a brief relationship with Lala Kent, but the rest of the cast disagreed with him and she later fired him from the show.

There are several different aspects to this story, including the fact that the estate was divided between the two brothers. The former was a godchild of George Michael, and was due a share of his estate. However, James also received money for live performances at various concerts. Among his other assets, the reality show Vanderpump Rules has earned him a staggering amount of money.

Andros and George Michael were close in the 80s, but fell out in 2012 due to the singer’s “wild ways.” However, in the aftermath of his arrest for lewd behavior in a public restroom, the two were no longer close. James was not close to George Michael for many years, but did share fond memories of the singer with Andy Cohen.