Manage Frontline Worker’s Devices With a Device Management Solution

If you’re trying to manage the devices of your frontline workers, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using a device management solution. There are many options available, including Ivanti UEM, VMware Workspace ONE UEM, Samsung’s Knox Capture, and Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Using a device management solution will help you make sure that all devices are properly managed and that no devices have been lost or stolen.

Ivanti UEM

Ivanti’s Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM) is a comprehensive management solution for enterprise mobility. It helps IT teams automate OS deployments, gather data, and resolve issues, as well as personalize workspaces. The platform supports Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It offers a unified, user-centric experience that streamlines policy management and provides detailed device information.

The Ivanti UEM Device Management Solution eliminates the artificial separation between desktop and mobile devices, delivering a single enterprise IT management solution and a unified set of device management policies. Moreover, it offers a user-centric approach to ensure seamless device management and IT security.

VMware Workspace ONE UEM

Workspace ONE UEM is a device management solution that simplifies the management of devices on any platform. This solution leverages native MDM capabilities and mobile-cloud management efficiencies to automate device onboarding and management. It also features a centralized console to manage all devices in a single platform.

Workspace ONE UEM provides self-service application management, including a customizable dashboard and analytics. It also provides data protection and security, and addresses modern security threats. Users can choose from various security settings, from endpoint security to user data security.

Samsung’s Knox Capture

Samsung’s Knox Capture Device Management Solution is designed to enable businesses to monitor their employees’ mobile devices. As mobile device use is increasingly prevalent, security is a top concern for employers. To help organizations maintain secure communications, Samsung has developed a platform based on the CellTrust SL2(tm) cryptography engine. This platform provides resilient mobile data protection and is compatible with IT protocols and industry regulations. Its secure mobile data management solution separates personal and business data and protects the integrity of the entire device.

The Knox platform offers secure messaging, voice calls, and SMS, and secure email and file sharing. It also protects sensitive data by limiting the exposure of it to applications that have been pre-approved by administrators. It also enables administrators to manage, monitor, and control these devices.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is a device management solution for frontline workers that manages Android and iOS devices. The solution enables frontline workers to sign into shared devices and enjoy a personalized experience during their shift. It works with devices running the Android Open Source Project, and it integrates with Microsoft Teams.

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It helps businesses manage the devices of frontline workers. It also keeps them up-to-date and productive. The solution makes remote app installation and patch management easy. It also supports content and app push, as well as real-time tracking. It can also run on-demand reports to determine device health.

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