Dermatologist Way for Skin Derma Rolling at Home

Derma rolling is a form of the best invention in the beauty industry. It has served numerous people to nourish their skin and outlook.

Primarily, it is a roller device with a micro-needling mechanism that pricks your skin, it might sound like a cruel thing to do to your skin, but it is not.

There are a few relevant myths about this derma roller. However, beneficiaries have come across some glorious benefits of this device.

It acts as a pocket dermatologist in a way that its specifications provide with utmost handy skin care with competent results.

How to Treat Your Skin with Derma Roller Appropriately

There are a few basic guidelines to assist you in your use. Numerous people have neglected appropriate procedures and come across opposite insights of this device.

The contact of micro-needles with skins is not harsh until you follow these practical steps for the whole treatment session.

1.    Exfoliate the skin before using

It is essential to cleanse your skin in reliable ways, such as applying a cleansing gel or a peeler. The cleansing process should be gentle. Choosing the right cleanser product would help to achieve a softer prior treatment.

Exfoliation helps to eliminate obstacles such as thin debris, which becomes an obstacle for micro-needles to perform at their best.

2.    Apply antitoxins

On the central portions of skin where you want to perform derma rolling, apply gentle serums with more natural ingredients and fewer acids. Choosing a suitable serum is essential to prevent harmful reactions.

3.    Perform derma roll

Now with prior precautionary protection, you are ready to derma roll. You must roll it at different angles to reach every portion of your outer skin, including horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

There is no harm in having a roll twice on your cheeks and lips. However, you should avoid pushing it hard against your skin, as it is a needling process and could damage the skin if used with inappropriate force.

4.    Do not let the pores stay empty and avoid exposure to outside

It is a common and threatening mistake of users. Numerous people do not apply any serum after using the derma roller.

It opens your skin pores after eliminating dead skin cells and other toxic elements, so your pores are open to welcoming anything.

Apply a good serum, so your pores perform at their best to nourish your skin and reduce diseases.

Moreover, avoid going outside after the treatment. To higher your chances of safety, conduct your facial derma rolling session at night before bedtime.

What’s Not True About Derma Roller?

Some myths about derma rollers concern people with existing skin diseases and sensitive skin types. And these myths aren’t true at all.

  • Needling hurts; Micro-needling doesn’t hurt; just the name sounds unappealing. The procedure is comfortable, and there is no observable contact with needles.
  • It creates a hole in the skin; It doesn’t create holes. However, the existing holes, known as ‘pores’, are treated well to eliminate dead cells and toxins.
  • It couldn’t be applied around lips, Assuming this myth came across due to the needling process. Derma rolling can be used on any skin type and portion, such as around lips and eyes.


Skin care is essential for treating diseases and encouraging facial features to nourish their presence. Derma rolling is one of the best devices to cleanse deep and treat the skin.

Moreover, it performs to make the skin ready for viable serums and liquids to get applied and allow their ingredients to perform at their best.

Derma rolling is equivalent to having a dermatologist therapy, as seen by the results. It has been treating acne and other diseases since it came into formation.

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