Collecting the 2009 P Quarter

There are a couple of reasons to collect the 2009 p quarter. One is the low mintage. This makes these coins more valuable if they are in error-free, pristine condition. Another is that the recession forced people to throw their change at the bank. It also curbed production of the quarter. As a result, the 2009 p quarter is an excellent investment. Its mintage is low, but that’s part of the charm.

If you’re an avid collector, a 2009 P or D quarter will still be worth a few dollars. Uncirculated ones will fetch as much as $1, while the D and P will be worth around $0.50 each. These coins will sell for even higher prices when they’re in MS 65 condition. Even uncirculated coins with a nice uncirculated grade can go for over $2. As for the 2009 P quarter, a high-grade, proof version can fetch as much as $5.

The 2009 Washington DC quarters have cool numismatic facts. The reverse side features the grand piano of famous jazz musician Duke Ellington, and the slogan “Justice For All” is engraved on it. The 2009 DC quarter is the fifth of the Lincoln Bicentennial cent series, and features many cool facts about the city. It was the first African American solo featured on a coin. The US mint also minted other series of this quarter.

The 2009 P District Of Columbia quarter was worth $1 if it is worn, and if it is in MS63, it will fetch up to $30. However, a MS67 in PCGS or NGC holder is worth about $12-15. Generally, a bank roll will sell for face value. You can expect to see a man on it if you find one of these coins at a coin show or a bank.

While there are a number of different types of 2009 Washington DC quarters, they are generally more rare. The most common variety is the regular 2009 District of Columbia quarter, and it was the first of six different issues of the DC & US Territories quarters series that preceded the America The Beautiful Quarters. However, there are some 2009 p quarters with minor doubling that are worth between $5 and $20. You can check the melt value of your coin by using the website links above.

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The 2009 p quarter is also unique, as the reverse design depicts the outline of the island. It also features a flying proa, a seagoing craft of the Chamorro people. The proa symbolizes endurance and fortitude, as well as discovery. In 2009, the United States Mint minted six quarter-dollar coins, one for each of the six U.S. territories. These coins are now available for collectors.