Choosing The Perfect Platter For Your Parties

Do you often host parties at your place? If so, this article is for you.

From New Years’ to Christmas, the list of festivals in Australia never ends. There is always something to celebrate. And to host the best parties, you need the best ways of serving.

An excellent addition to your party gear would be a platter.

Platters help you serve food in bulk and look refined. You can try all kinds of food combinations on these. From nachos to vegemite, everything belongs here.

Read on to find the perfect platters for your party.

Breakfast platters

Who said you could not party over brunch?

Call up your closest friends, get some mimosas, and put together a mind-blowing breakfast combination served on small platters.

Some interesting breakfast ideas include:

  • Vegemite or avocado toasts along with poached eggs and salad
  • Ricotta hotcakes with berries and a side of cappuccino
  • Croissants!
  • Avocado, toast, omelette, sausages, and juice
  • Sandwiches, baked beans, eggs sunny side up, grilled tomatoes, and juice
  • Pies, pancakes, and cakes with tea or coffee

These breakfast platters can turn a simple Sunday breakfast into an extravaganza. They are the perfect start to fun-filled days.

Sandwich and jaffle platters

No one loves jaffles like Australians. So, why not have a jaffle party?

These platters are perfect for evenings. You can experiment with different types of jaffles and dips to create the best combinations.

Some ideas that would make fantastic jaffle platters are:

  • Fresh bagels with hummus and veggies
  • Pre-cooked meats like salami, bacon, and smoked salmon along with toasted buns
  • Sweet jaffles made with berries, chocolates and nuts
  • Pita bread sandwiches with veggies, koftas, and homemade hummus

These meals can be served on medium-sized ceramic platters. If the party is in the evenings, feel free to serve them boozy drinks to add to the fun.

Dessert platters

What better end to a long day of partying than something sweet?

Dessert platters give you the right amount of sweetness to conclude things. From Thanksgiving to Christmas dinners, these platters are a favourite.

Some decadent ideas for dessert platters are:

  • Cookies, brownies, wafers, bananas, and strawberries with chocolate sauce
  • Mini pavlovas, meringues, nuts, and berry compotes
  • Waffles, cakes, and chocolate dips
  • Marshmallow, cookies, strawberries, and chocolate dips
  • Only fruit platters with sugary cocktails for summer parties

With the Australian government spending 1.2 million AUD on festivities yearly, the country has no excuses not to party. So, be the best host with the perfect dessert platters that will make your guests ecstatic.

Other platters

Platters are not only a must-have for parties. You can also use small ones to serve food regularly. Large platters are perfect for family dinners.

You can experiment with different cuisines on these:

  • Mexican platters with tacos, pork, salsa, tomato rice, and kidney beans
  • Vietnamese platters with rice noodles, poached pork, rice paper rolls, and dipping sauces
  • Korean platters with beef, shitake mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach, and other veggies

You can present the individual items on a large platter and enable people to have fun with it. This way, you can create an engaging DIY dinner.

In a nutshell

A platter is a convenient item to have on your shelves. It can help you present food nicely and make your parties more engaging for the guests.

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