Cherish Group – Who Will Be the Next Member of the Cherish Group?

Cherish Group, the boy band from the late 90s, released an album that paid tribute to Haiti, but the group broke up in 2008, not due to the war. Although the split was unexpected, it’s not because the two members were unhappy with each other. While Felisha and Fallon were a close pair, their relationship just wasn’t working out. The two women continued their careers in music, and it’s a shame that Cherish hasn’t reunited.

Miss P From Cherish Group

The R&B group Miss P made waves in the early 2000s with the release of their debut single, “Miss P”. This song was produced by Blade, Don Vito, Jazze Pha, and Tricky Stewart. The group’s debut album, The Moment, did not meet expectations and was shelved after two singles. The group returned in 2005 with a reworked version of their first album, “Unappreciated”, and featured Jermaine Dupri. Their latest single, “Do It To It,” reminded fans of the sound of their past.

The two sisters started singing at a young age, and they were signed to a record label when they were seven and eleven. Their song “Baby Love” appeared on the soundtrack of the ATL movie. The two sisters’ musical backgrounds are rooted in the music industry, and their manager was a member of POP, and they once toured with Earth, Wind & Fire. The group initially signed with Reprise Records in 2003, and recorded several singles before the group’s debut album was shelved due to unspecified reasons.


The band’s second album is scheduled for release in November 2007. It will be produced by Don Vito, Blade, Jazze Pha and Tricky Stewart. A release date has not been set, but fans are expecting the album to be released sometime in 2007.

After the release of the debut album, the girls confirmed they were working on a side project with fallon and Felisha. This group is now called F+F. According to unknown sources, an unreleased song by this group was titled “Infected.” The two sisters opted to leave the group but Cherish remained behind. The group reformed and released an uplifting tribute song to Haiti in 2010.

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Infected by F+F

Fallon and Felisha are rumored to have started working on a side project called F+F after leaving Cherish. The group has yet to release their album. But their new song “Infected” is generating rumors about their breakup. While their sisters Farrah and Neosha left the group soon after, Cherish remains. But who will be the next member of Cherish?

Aside from making music, the group also released music videos. Cherish released their single “Infected” in November 2010 and their music video for “Lights Out” was released in March 2011.

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Chingy’s label merger

After leaving his former label, Chingy has joined Trak Starz, a rap company owned by Universal Music Group. In 2007, Chingy’s fourth album, Hate It or Love It, was released. The project featured big names, but the album only had 30,000 sales its first week. Chingy’s debut didn’t even make the top 10, stalled at number 84. This was Chingy’s lowest charting release to date. Luckily, Chingy’s recent label merger with Trak Starz saved his career from bankruptcy and helped him to rebrand himself as a star in the industry.

After the split, Chingy sought a lawyer to cut ties with DTP. He felt trapped at number two and had a hard time finding new music. Chingy also wanted to get out of the music business, but was reluctant to do so because it would mean losing his major label. Chingy sought the services of a lawyer, and it’s been a long road since then. Ultimately, Chingy has become one of the most successful rappers in the world.

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Split of Cherish

The split of Cherish was not unexpected as the singers had come to fame after their 2008 Haiti tribute album. However, the split wasn’t because of war or any other issue. The split was caused by the dissatisfaction of Fallon and Felisha, who were twins and grew up very close. Though the group didn’t last long, they continued to pursue their music careers. Fallon and Felisha later started a side project, which they called F+F.

The band’s name reflects the fact that it is a family affair. The two sisters, Felisha and Neosha King, were born into music. Their father was part of the group Professions of Sounds, which toured with Earth, Wind & Fire and the Emotions. They began performing as young as they could braid their hair. However, it wasn’t until the group split in 2008 that their relationship was seriously threatened.