1989 1 Cent Coin Value

If you have a set of 1989 1 cent coins, you’re in luck! These rare coins can only be found in sets. The value of these coins varies from year to year, but the average is just under $1. Here’s a guide to 1989 cent coin values. Listed below are some common examples. The value of 1989 coins may surprise you! But don’t worry if you don’t have any sets – there are plenty of other ways to get a good deal!

The back of the coin depicts a Cape sparrow, a bird native to southern Africa. The coin’s face value, abbreviated as “1c,” is listed in small print below the bird. The portrait of the bird is accompanied by the year 1989, the coin’s date of issue, and the face value. That face value is one cent. The design is by Thomas Sasseen, a South African artist.

Despite its rarity, the 1989 Lincoln Memorial Cent is a popular choice for collectors. It’s available in a range of grades, including mint state and high-grade. Its design is both attractive and common. Besides the date, the text of this coin – LIBERTY and IN GOD WE TRUST – is etched onto the coin’s reverse. If you’re wondering whether or not a 1989 Lincoln one cent coin is worth anything, it’s always worth asking.

The melt value of a 1989 penny is about $0.33 if it is in PR 65 or uncirculated condition. For the average 1989 penny, it’s worth about $0.30 if it’s in good condition and has the mint mark. You can also find price charts for the 1989 Lincoln penny on eBay. Lastly, you can learn about the 1989 penny’s value by visiting the website of a reputable coin grader.

The 1989 one cent coin was issued for just a year before being replaced with a smaller coin. Its obverse depicts the Coat of Arms of South Africa, which was granted to the Union of South Africa by King George V. It was later amended by the British College of Arms to incorporate representations of the four provinces of the Union. However, the 1989 1 cent coin value has remained at a high level.

The design of the 1989 South African coin was created by Arthur Sutherland. The obverse depicts the South African Coat of Arms, which was adopted in 1932. The escutcheon depicts two human figures clasping hands. They are flanked by a cross-bowl and spear. The reverse depicts the national motto, ‘EX UNITE VIRES’, and the date of issue, 1989.