Cassidy Son – Net Worth, Wife, and Bio

You’ve probably heard of the battle rap superstar Cassidy son, but did you know he has broken through into the mainstream? This week’s battle between Cassidy and Arsonal has fans buzzing – not in a good way, of course! They clashed in October in Cassidy’s native Philadelphia. Find out more about the rapper’s son, wife, and bio. Hopefully, this information will help you better understand Cassidy.

cassidy rapper net worth

According to sources, Cassidy’s net worth is at least $1 million. He earned a huge fortune in endorsement deals. In 2012, he signed a deal with Trojan to be the face of their clothing line. In 2017, he announced a new deal with Lot 29 to become its face. Considering all of these factors, Cassidy is expected to make a large fortune by 2022. This article will provide an overview of Cassidy’s net worth and his various endorsements.

Before recording his first album, Cassidy made several freestyles. Growing up in Philadelphia, he was exposed to rap culture there. He went on to compete in Rap Battles and excelled for a few years. However, he soon decided to focus on making rich and influential Rap. By the early 2000s, he began to release albums and singles. Today, he has a net worth of over $1 million.

rapper cassidy wife

A rumor suggests that Rapper Cassidy has been married several times. However, this information is hard to verify. While Cassidy has been married before, there is only one confirmed marriage. Cassidy is accused of murder, aggravated assault, conspiracy, and possession of a weapon. His wife is not listed in the criminal records, but he is still suspected of the crimes. In 2005, Cassidy was arrested and surrendered to Philadelphia police. He was sentenced to a seven-month prison term, but later was released. He has two children with at least one other woman.

Cassidy’s wife is Reggae Ratchet, a reggae singer. She has a number of social media profiles. You can contact her through them. There is a fan page for her on Facebook. Alternatively, you can send an email to her. She also has her own official website. She will most likely respond to your message within 24 hours. Rapper Cassidy’s wife has many social profiles.

rapper cassidy son

Rapper Cassidy Son has been the center of controversy in recent years. His weight has dropped significantly and his looks have changed over the years, raising public concerns about his health. Cassidy released a picture of himself on social media that quickly became viral, and many of his hardcore fans were concerned about his appearance. Despite the controversy surrounding Cassidy, he is still respected in the battle rap scene.

The rapper is an average-sized man who stands between 5 and 9 inches tall. He has no children and is probably single. His net worth is between $5 million and $7 million. However, Cassidy is not yet married and has not publicly disclosed details about his relationships. His wealth is believed to include his assets, earnings, and property. In addition, Cassidy has signed with a record label called Mayhem Music and is currently the face of its clothing line.


Aside from being a popular hip hop artist, rapper Cassidy has a diverse background. He has performed on TV shows, hosted events, and has done endorsement work for some of the world’s largest brands. His social media presence is also extensive, with over 300k followers on Twitter and 50k subscribers on YouTube. Cassidy attended Central High School in Philadelphia and is represented by a team of personal managers. He was once involved in a controversial fling with hip hop groupie Kat Stacks, who hinted that Cassidy had AIDS. Despite the rumors, Cassidy is still young and has much more to do in his career.

After being discovered by Swizz Beatz in 2002, Cassidy began to gain major attention and success in the music industry. After signing to Full Surface Records, an imprint under Ruff Ryders Entertainment and J Records, Cassidy was able to make his first album and achieve major international success. The release of Cassidy’s debut studio album, Split Personality, in March 2004, led to his rise to success. The album debuted in the US Billboard Hot 100 and has since topped the charts in numerous countries.

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A crash on Oct. 5, 2006, killed rapper Cassidy while he was on his way to a recording studio in Yonkers, New York. A U-Haul truck swerved into oncoming traffic, striking the rapper’s SUV. A CAT scan of the rapper’s head found he had suffered fractures on the left side of his face and a fractured skull. Fortunately, the rapper did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

The rapper was originally charged with attempted murder in 2005, but was later found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. His sentence was between eleven and twenty-three months. While he was once the biggest star in the world, Cassidy had recently turned his focus from music to his family. His mother was the mother of his children, although the rapper was not married. The rapper’s death leaves a hole in the music industry, but fans will miss him.