Buff Dudes Net Worth

The Buff Dudes are American fitness vloggers who have garnered huge net worth by monetizing their online videos. The Buff Dudes are a part of the fitness community that inspires people to achieve greatness through hard work and fun. Their videos are posted in the Lifestyle, Food, and Physical fitness categories on YouTube. The Buff Dudes’ earnings are largely based on their income from sponsored content and product sales.

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The net worth of Buff Dudes is estimated at $244,000 as of May 2022, based on the amount of money they make from YouTube advertising. The YouTube channel has over 1.2 million subscribers and a total of 180 million views. Depending on the country of origin, Buff Dudes can earn anywhere from $248,000 to $529.3 thousand dollars per day. Their earnings also include selling their own books and merchandise.

The Buff Dudes’ fitness training video content began in May 2012. The videos are informative, funny, and educational. Their videos have gained popularity on YouTube and have helped them build a successful career in fitness. The duo got their start in the gym after watching their father go to the gym every morning and inspired them to work out as well. In 2012, they decided to combine their two careers, creating a fitness DVD and an online coaching program.

The Buff Dudes have a YouTube channel where they upload videos about gym workouts and healthy foods. The channel has more than two million subscribers, and over 400 million total views. Hudson White’s father, Brandon White, is also a YouTuber who runs the DIY DUKE channel. Hudson White and Brandon White began their YouTube channel in May of 2012.