Briana Latrise Net Worth

Briana Latrise is an American television personality, photographer, and writer. She is best known as one of the main cast members on the WE TV series Growing Up Hip Hop.

She was born on August 3, 1986 in New York, USA. She is the eldest daughter of record executive Kendu Isaacs and his first wife Maurine.

Briana Latrise was born on August 3, 1986

Briana Latrise is a professional photographer and blogger. She is also a reality star who gained notoriety in 2017 after appearing on the reality show “Growing Up Hip Hop.” She became a main cast member in season 3 and remained a supporting character throughout seasons 4 and 5.

Her father, Kendu Isaacs, is an executive producer. He married Maurice Cassidy, Briana’s stepmother, when she was only five years old. The couple divorced after eight years of marriage, leaving Briana with two half-siblings.

She is of African American descent and was born in New York City, United States. She currently holds an estimated net worth of $37 million.

Briana Latrise is a professional writer and blogger who founded the blog Tuesdays At Heart. She has also written for the television series The People in the Back. She has a son, Mercury Turner, who was born in mid-to-late 2013. Her son is her sole source of income and she is very proud of him.

She is an American television personality and photographer

Latrise has earned a considerable net worth from her professional career as an American television personality and photographer. She mainly relies on her earnings from these two sources to make a decent living.

Her net worth is estimated at $37 million in 2020, and her assets include property, funds, and earnings. Moreover, she prefers to lead a modest lifestyle and does not spend lavishly.

Briana is the daughter of record executive Kendu Isaacs and his first wife, Maurine. She is also the stepdaughter of R&B singer Mary J. Blige, whom she dated from 2003 to 2018.

Kendu and Mary got divorced in 2018 due to irreconcilable differences. During the process, Briana stood on her father’s side. However, in a November 2018 Instagram post, she called her dad a “garbage” and a “dirtbag.” She criticized him for not showing any love towards herself and her grandson, Mercury Turner. She hoped that her father would have nightmares and be lonely all the time.

She is the founder of Tuesdays At Heart

Briana Latrise is the founder of Tuesdays At Heart, an online magazine that covers the latest news in photography and social media. She also blogs about fashion and music.

She is also known for her appearance on the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop. The show, which is a spinoff of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop, is one of the highest-rated series on the network.

Her net worth is a little under $4 million as of March 2017. The majority of her money comes from her role on Growing Up Hip Hop.

She is also a photographer and social media star. She was in a relationship with producer and DJ Iman Omari, but the two fell out. Her most recent relationship is with a man named Chris, who she is currently dating. She is also a single mother to a three-month-old baby girl. She is also a big proponent of the “touch-a-heart” Monday campaign. The campaign encourages people to be nice to others by donating to charity and performing good deeds for strangers in need.

She has a son

Briana Latrise, an American actress and entrepreneur, has a son named Mercury Turner. She is currently a single mom and is focused on her business, Haus of BLk, which sells artisanal incense and smudge bundles.

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She is also a professional photographer and blogger, and has appeared in several reality television shows. She also founded Tuesdays At Heart, a website that helps people in need.

Her erratic behavior on the show, though, has led to concern among cast members. She recently spazzed out at co-star Eric Wright Jr., claiming that he called her father a

Briana Latrise is the daughter of Kendu Isaacs, a famed record producer. She also has a stepmother, Mary J. Blige, who helped her achieve success. Despite this, she hasn’t revealed much about her relationship with her parents.

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