Big Scarr Net Worth – How Much Does He Earn From YouTube Videos?

Big Scarr is a rapper from the United States. He is signed with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records. He is best known for his track “SoIcyBoyz 2.” The song features Tay Keith, Pooh Shiesty, and Foogiano. He is also an accomplished artist and has won multiple awards. To calculate his net worth, we need to know his income from all these sources.

The real net worth of Big Scarr is difficult to ascertain. While we can get a rough idea of how much he earns from YouTube videos, Big Scarr is the only person who knows for sure. YouTube statistics do not allow us to know the exact amount of money a person earns from a video, so we can only guesstimate. Big Scarr’s net worth is estimated to be at least $1.79 million, but there are no official sources to confirm this figure.

Although the singer is only twenty years old, he is already gaining wide recognition. He has also been a prolific artist with new songs, which continue to impress music fans. Moreover, he is endorsed by Gucci Man’s creation house, so his net worth might be around $200 thousand. If we look at Big Scarr’s net worth today, we can conclude that his net worth is likely to increase with his increasing popularity.

After hearing Kodak Black’s songs, Big Scarr decided to go into the rap world himself. With Make A Play, he had already achieved 5.5 million YouTube views. The following year, he released the single “Lit Hoe” with Foogiano and Tay Keith. This track has amassed more than 12 million YouTube views. And Big Scarr’s YouTube channel has nearly 300 thousand subscribers, which further demonstrates his popularity.

As a youngster, Big Scarr lived with his grandmother. He moved in with his father when he was thirteen. He learned from his father how to survive a tough world. Big Scarr survived an intense car accident at the age of sixteen. Afterwards, he suffered a near-fatal shooting and suffered facial scarring. The following year, he went on to become a household name, earning millions of dollars.

The rap artist is based in Memphis, Tennessee. He has earned over $200 thousand since joining Rich N Ruthless. His net worth is expected to reach over $200 thousand by 2022. As a rapper, Big Scarr has been credited with numerous hits, including “Make A Play.”