7 Best Upcoming Mobile Games In 2022

The age of mobile gaming is just beginning. The mobile gaming industry is credited with its growth in part to the release of PUBG on the mobile as well as other games such as Call of Duty Mobile and the current Apex Legends Mobile. But there are many more aspects to gaming on mobile than COD mobile or PUBG mobile. In this post, we’ll be discussing what we think will be the seven best new mobile games that are likely to revolutionize the gaming genre for gamers on mobile devices.

The number of coming mobile games we’ll cover here are being played on different platforms. Furthermore, they are regarded as among the top games to be released in recent times. In this regard, the upcoming mobile games will definitely make a mark on the mobile gaming scene and prove to be among the most popular mobile games.

7 Mobile games that are coming out

Valorant Mobile

Valiant is a game that revolutionized the world of FPS gaming for years when it first launched on PC in the year 2020. Since its debut, the game’s popularity has been up, but there are rumors of a mobile game being in the works for a few years. But, Riot confirmed last year that the company is working on bringing Valorant to mobile phones.

With the announcement of the day, there’s know about the forthcoming Valorant mobile device, what the game’s design will be and play, whether it will have similarities to its PC counterpart, or whether could Valorant mobile be a class that’s it’s own. Whatever the reason it is clear that Riot certainly knows how to create an incredible game and we’re hoping the same of Valorant mobile.

release: No official release date has been set. (Expected to be 2023)

Call of Duty: Warzone (COD: Project Aurora)

There was talk of the existence of a COD mobile Warzone being developed that was on the horizon long before Activision declared that they were developing the development of a mobile version. However, the official title of the mobile game has not been known. At the moment it’s being referred to as Project Aurora. But, at this point, it’s not difficult to determine that it will be a war-themed game that will be available on smartphones.

For a long time, fans have been begging Activision to add Warzone-like features into COD mobile, which would help develop the game in a more advanced way. In the meantime, Activision had plans of its own. If the developers can make the mobile version as similar to its console and PC counterparts, COD mobile Warzone or whatever it is known as will be the top mobile game of the year when it’s released.

Version: No official release date as of yet. (Expected by 2022)

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Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII: Every Crisis is an upcoming game within the series designed specifically for mobile gamers. The game was created by Applibot. The game is set for release worldwide in 2022 the exact date has not been announced yet.

In the meantime, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will be a single-player story that will feature the events from Final Fantasy VII and the Compilation. Additionally, Square Enix has planned to launch Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis in monthly installments. With all this we’re hoping FF VII: Ever Crisis will be among the most popular mobile games in 2022 or when it launches.

Release: 2022

Total War Battles: Warhammer

In the long-running collection of Total War games, Total War Battles: Warhammer is one of the top games from the series. since it’s a forthcoming game for mobile, we are excited about it. In the same way, the past experience of strategy games on mobile devices hasn’t been a great one, but we’re optimistic that games similar to Total War: Warhammer might alter that.

However, this coming mobile game isn’t created by the original creator, but by NetEase. For those who aren’t aware, NetEase is the name behind games such as Diablo Immortal, Identity V, Marvel Duel, and numerous other mobile games. We also don’t have information about Total War Battles: Warhammer’s release date for mobile.

Version: No official release date has been set yet.

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Rainbow Six Mobile

A long-running PC and console game will soon launch for mobile platforms. Rainbow Six Mobile is a coming mobile game that will compete with the top mobile games after its release. The game has gained many fans since the announcements due to its massive following.

Rainbow Six Mobile doesn’t have an official release date at this time however, it did enter the beta testing period a while back, and it is likely to have another alpha test in the near future. You can sign-up for all future beta tests for Rainbow Six Mobile through the game’s official website.

release: No official release date as of yet.

The Path to Exile mobile

The RPG genre isn’t going to gain the amount of popularity it has enjoyed across other gaming platforms. This being said, Path of Exile is one of the games that has experienced continuous updates and new content from the creator to keep it up-to-date and keep players interested. While at the same time, Path of Exile Mobile is being developed by the company itself.

It means that the game could prove to be more than just a simple mobile RPG. It could also be the first step toward the genre’s popularity in mobile gaming. Path of Exile mobile could be the next great mobile game you’ve been looking for.

release: No official release date as of yet. (Expected by the end of 2022)

Rogue Company Mobile

For those who aren’t aware, Rogue Company is a third-person shooter which was released in the year 2020. Although the game didn’t experience the same level of popularity following the release date, Rogue Company did see an energizing rate. In the meantime, just as every other PC or console game is racing to bring their games to mobile devices, Rogue Company is not far from the front. Those who are interested can join the beta testing process for Rogue Company mobile by registering on the official site of the game.

Version: No official release date as of yet. (Expected to be 2023)

Top mobile games for 2022 and beyond: Wrapping up

Now, we’ve come to the conclusion of this listicle and these are the most anticipated mobile games that will be released in 2022 or beyond. Although we’re sure we’ve left some games from this list, mostly because it was our intention to make this list as short as possible. For our readers, please let us know what game you’re looking forward to most. We’ll also make sure to amend the list when there are any additions to the list, or if one of these games listed above come out.

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