Bernhard Goetz Net Worth – Who is Bernhard Goetz?

Bernhard Goetz was born on November 7, 1947, in Queens, New York. He was the youngest of four children.

He was a German immigrant who ran a dairy farm and a book-binding business in upstate New York. In the early 1980s, he was dismayed at what he saw as a crumbling social structure in his home city of New York.

He is an actor

Among his many professions, bernhard goetz net worth is derived from his acting. He has appeared on numerous TV shows and made a number of appearances on the radio.

He is also a vegetarian and spends his time nursing injured squirrels in New York. He has also been a celebrity and has been spotted in several animal rights parades.

Bernhard Goetz was a folk hero to some people in New York City after shooting four black teenagers on the subway in 1984. His actions triggered debate on race and crime in major cities, as well as the limits of self-defense.

He is a criminal

Bernhard Goetz is a New York City man who has a criminal record. He was arrested in 2013 after he sold marijuana to an undercover officer.

In 1984, he shot and injured four African American teenagers on the subway. He was dubbed the “subway vigilante.”

The shootings occurred during a period when crime was at its highest in New York, and race relations were strained. It caused a public outcry and sparked a bitter trial.

The acquittal of Goetz for attempted murder in 1987 left many angry. Those who opposed his vigilante actions were afraid he would add to the city’s already dangerous streets.

He is a vegetarian

Bernhard Goetz is a former police detective who sparked a media firestorm when he shot four young men on a subway train in 1984. He was dubbed the “Subway Vigilante.”

On December 22, 1984, Goetz was riding a New York City subway when he was approached by four African-American boys who demanded money. He pulled out a revolver and shot all of the would-be muggers. Three were seriously injured, and the fourth, Darrell Cabey, was left paralyzed.

In 1996, a Bronx jury awarded him $43 million. He has since become a vegetarian and has advocated for the eating of meat-free diets. He also has a business, selling and servicing electronic test equipment through his company, Vigilante Electronics.

He is a businessman

Bernhard Goetz net worth is estimated to be in the millions. He is an actor and has appeared in several movies, including Every Move You Make (2002) and Silver Night (2005).

He also runs a company called Vigilante Electronics, where he sells and services electronics test equipment. He is also involved with squirrel rescue in New York City, and he recently installed a squirrel house on his property.

Goetz is best known for his role as the subway vigilante in 1984, when he shot four teenagers who had approached him and assaulted him at a New York City subway station. The incident made him a national folk hero and spawned a movement against urban crime and disorder, as well as successful National Rifle Association campaigns to loosen restrictions on the concealed carrying of firearms.

He is a celebrity

If you’re a fan of Netflix, then you might have heard of Bernhard Goetz, the man who made New York City famous for his vigilante actions. In 1984, he shot four black teenagers on a subway train and claimed he did it in self-defense.

A national debate ensued over his actions, and Goetz became a hero for those who were scared of crime in the city. Bumper stickers with slogans like “Ride with Bernie – He Goetz ‘Em!” began to appear all over town.

While one of the boys he shot, Darrell Cabey, was permanently paralyzed from the waist down, the jury ultimately viewed Goetz’s actions as self-defense. This sparked a national debate about race, crime, and the power of civilian vigilantes.

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