Ashlee Koston and Eric Koston

The X-Games champion Ashlee Koston was born on April 29, 1975 in Bangkok, Thailand. Her father is Eric Koston. She married her husband in April 2007, and they have one child, June Marie. Eric and Ashlee also have two other children. Their daughter is a model, and their son is an eS business manager. In addition to skateboarding, Ashlee and Eric have other interests.

X-Games champion

The X-Games champion Eric and his wife Ashlee have two children together. They got married in April 2007 after dating for a long time. Eric Koston is a skateboarder and he credits his wife for his success. The couple has two children: June Marie Koston, born on 4 May 2009, and Fynn Koston, born on 26 June 2011. They have been keeping their personal life low-key, which has kept their relationship intact.

The couple has a solid partnership with Nike SB and has their own YouTube channel. They have also appeared in numerous media campaigns. Eric Koston is a spokesperson for Saint Archer Brewing Co., which was founded by Josh Kerr and Mikey Taylor. Eric Koston and Ashlee Koston are also the faces of the brand eS Footwear. Their social media presence is impressive, with Eric Koston’s posts regularly topping the homepage.

Co-founder of two skateparks

Eric Koston was born in Thailand and raised in San Bernardino, California. In his early years, he was part of the H-Street team, where he met fellow skater Alphonzo Rawals. Besides co-founding two skateparks with Ashlee Koston, he also founded Fourstar Clothing. In addition, Koston has his own line of skateboarding shoes. He and Ashlee Koston are also co-founders of two skateparks in New Jersey, one of which is called The Berrics.

Eric Koston is a professional skateboarder and entrepreneur. He has also co-founded several skateboarding companies and is part owner of Lakai shoes. His net worth is estimated to be $16 million as of January 2021. The founder of the two skateparks, Eric and Ashlee Koston, were born in New Jersey and raised in San Francisco.

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Despite their close ties, golfer Eric and skateboarder Ashlee Koston are secretly married. They married in 2007, and have a son named June Marie. They are close friends and share the same eS team. Koston is also a skateboarder and businesswoman. While they haven’t publicly discussed their relationship, they have been spotted together on the street.

Ashlee Koston was previously known as Ashlee Gaston before their marriage. The couple met while attending a charity golf tournament and dated for many years before deciding to tie the knot. They have two children together, Fynn Koston, 4, and June Marie Coston, 5. The couple share the same net worth. However, the two are notoriously secretive about their personal lives, and it’s hard to tell how long they’ve been together.

Basketball player

In addition to being professional basketball players, Ashlee and Eric Koston are also business owners. Both have many sponsors, including Nike SB, Fourstar, Spitfire Wheels, Independent Truck Company, and Supreme. Both Kostons have been on the board of the Saint Archer Brewing Company. They are also involved in the music industry, with Ashlee co-writing songs and Eric recording part of the music.

The married couple’s lives are relatively private. They have two kids. Koston is an entrepreneur and co-owns a website. The couple met when Eric was a college student at Duke University. He was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and he moved to the US with his family during his childhood. The couple has kept their personal lives low-key, but their love for each other is evident.


Eric Koston and his wife Ashlee are successful entrepreneurs. They both started their careers as skateboarders and have been involved in many successful businesses. Eric Koston, a former member of the eS shoe company, made headlines in the 1990s after appearing in the video Menikmati. Later, he worked for brands like Nike SB and Lakai Limited Footwear. He also released his own signature shoe, the Eric Koston 1, and teamed up with Oakley sunglasses. The couple has been featured in a documentary series entitled Epicly Later’d.

The couple married in 2007, though it is not clear where they got married. The couple has two daughters, Fynn and June. They share the same net worth. Their net worth is estimated at $15 million. They have a lavish lifestyle and spend most of their time together. Eric and Ashlee Koston are also friends. However, they have never been involved in a divorce or had any prior relationships.

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