Are Van Staal Reels Worth the Money?

Are Van Staal reels worth the price? Let’s look at the benefits of the famous manufacturer’s reels. First, they are water-tight, making them ideal for a long fishing season. They can even be submerged in saltwater! The reel’s waterproof seals keep grease and oil inside and prevent corrosion even in the saltiest environments. That’s something that other reels can’t claim.

The VR system is a major plus when it comes to Van Staal reels. Unlike traditional reels, this system guides razor-sharp braided line back onto the line roller with ease. Previously, anglers had to use their fingers to place the line back onto the reel’s line roller. This new system includes a Titanium bail wire for additional durability. Lastly, the VR version is easy to maintain.

If you’re looking for a high-quality surf reel, the 250 is a good choice. It has the same frame as the 200, but has thicker gear and a stainless steel shaft. It has the same excellent waterproof drag as the VS X-SERIES reels, and is priced between $599 and $609 – a price tag that’s right in line with its quality.

The brand name Vanstaal is widely known among surf fishermen, and it has a cult-like following. The price of a Vanstaal reel is quite high, but the quality is unparalleled. It is the Ferrari of the fishing reel world! With its cult-like following, it’s no wonder why it commands such a high price. If you’re serious about your fishing, consider investing in a Vanstaal reel!

Many surf anglers swear by the Van Staal reel, and it’s easy to see why. These reels are lightweight, with a capacity for up to 400 yards of 15-pound test line. You can also choose between 50-pound braid and 15-pound mono backing. A Van Staal reel is worth the money if it helps you fight big fish. You’ll be happy you got one, and will be glad you did.

Another benefit of a Van Staal reel is its built-in tank capacity. Even if you’re not a professional fisherman, this reel is designed to stand up to the test of time. That means it’s built to last for a very long time. And since these reels cost about $700+, they’re definitely worth the money! Is a Van Staal Reel Worth the Money?

A Van Staal spinning reel has a long lineage from the Northeast. Most are serial-numbered, which means you can trace back the exact vintage of your reel to the early 1990s. Some are still plying the striper surf today, while others are locked up in a museum. They are used by offshore fishermen and are able to tangle with fish that grow to over 100 inches! If you’re looking for an awesome reel, you should consider the Van Staal.

A Van Staal reel will require lubrication and seal changes on a regular basis. The components of the reel are made with the highest-quality machined materials. This ensures longevity, but will require periodic cleaning and maintenance. These reels will need service annually if they are submerged in water. If not submerged, you won’t need to worry about maintenance, though. Despite the high price tag, these reels are worth every penny.

The VF reel features a drawbar drag system that is a throwback to old school rigging. Drawbar drags help create enormous force on the drag material. The knob can be locked down to provide incredible stopping power. Low start-up inertia also makes this reel suitable for wading flats and kayaking. Another feature is the silver and black finishes. If you’re interested in purchasing a Van Staal reel, check out the details on this rig.