Are Guam Quarters Rare?

Are Guam quarters rare? That’s the question that is on the minds of many people. These coins are part of a collection that honors the small North Pacific Ocean island. As of 2010, only four coins have been released for Guam, which became a U.S. territory in 1950. They feature the outline of the island on one side and a flying proa on the reverse. The outline of Guam is also a key feature of the coin. On the reverse, the coin features the island’s emblematic symbol, the “Latte stone” pillar, which supports wooden buildings. The design was created by David Westwood.

The standard 2009 Guam quarter is worth only $1 when it’s worn. Then, it’s worth $30 or more if it’s graded and certified MS67. There have been no major mistakes in circulation on Guam quarters. However, a keen eye can easily identify the error on a circulated coin. That’s why collecting Guam quarters is so popular today. So, what are Guam quarters worth?

The obverse of the Guam quarter is not rare. It’s usually found on American coins and has the same design as other quarters of the U.S.A. In addition to the obverse design, the reverse side also displays the ava bowl, a fue whisk, and a to’oto’o staff. The obverse shows a portrait of George Washington, designed by John Flanagan. This portrait has been featured on American quarters since 1932, when the US officially recognized these territories as sovereign nations.

There are unofficial gold-plated Guam quarters in the United States, though they’re not as rare as other collectibles. They can add a nice touch to any collection of state quarters. A few of these coins feature hologram effects on the island outline. Look in the section at the top to see the current selection, as it changes frequently. If you can’t find a particular coin in the section, check out eBay.