Angel Del Villar

Angel Del Villar is a singer and an entrepreneur. He owns a record label and a posh seafood restaurant.

He has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Most of his income comes from his record label.

He has a passion for music and has been into it from a very young age. His interest grew into his career, and he became very successful in it.

Jose Angel Del Villar was born on April 6, 1969

Jose Angel Del Villar was born on April 6, 1969 in Zacatecas, Mexico. He is a singer and an entrepreneur.

Del began his career in music when he was young. He was very interested in signing and music, and he decided to take it as his life’s passion.

He started learning different musical instruments and began to write his own songs. He was a very talented singer and composer, and he became successful in the music industry.

He launched his own production studio in 2008, and many musicians began to record their songs there. He also worked on a few soap operas and composed music for some movies.

He is a Mexican American

Angel Del Villar is a Mexican American who has been known for his music career and the founder of Del Records. He has helped many artists to make their mark in the world of music.

The label has helped many artists to chart top albums and is home to popular artists like Gerardo Ortiz and Luis Coronel. It also hosts concerts and events to celebrate culture and the music industry.

In addition, the label is known for supporting local law enforcement initiatives to provide food and other resources to the community. It has donated over $1 million to these organizations.

The FBI arrested Del Villar and Luca Scalisi, CFO of the company, Tuesday on charges of conspiring to violate the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act by conducting business with a Guadalajara-based concert promoter with ties to Mexican drug cartels. They made their initial appearances this afternoon in United States District Court in downtown Los Angeles.

He is a singer

Angel Del Villar is a singer and a songwriter who has earned popularity among music lovers. He is a talented artist who has been in the music industry for a long time. He has worked with many artists and has gained a lot of recognition in the world of music.

He is a very successful singer who has earned millions of dollars from his career. He has a net worth of $2 million as of September 2022 and derives most of his wealth from his record label, DEL Records.

His fame and success have also helped him earn a lot of money from his luxurious seafood restaurant. He regularly hosts inauguration events at his restaurant, which entitles celebrities to some extra cash.

He is also a music executive and founder of the successful American-Spanish record label, DEL Records. Since 2008, this label has established itself as one of the top music companies, producing great songs and earning a lot of praise from the music community.

He is an entrepreneur

Angel Del Villar is an entrepreneur who runs a successful record label. He also has a line of merchandise, which includes t-shirts, caps, tank tops, and other items. He has a lot of success in his career and has earned an estimated net worth of $2 million US.

He is a very successful singer and has a large fan following. He has also written songs for a number of movies and TV shows.

His record label, DEL Records, has signed many artists and helped them achieve their goals. They include Jose Manuel, Gabriel Diaz/Diego and Gabriel, Grupo Los De La O, Escolta De Guerra, King Lil G, and more.

In May of 2019, Del Records was awarded the Latino Spirit Award for Achievement in Business & Philanthropy at the 18th Annual Latino Spirit Awards. He takes a great pride in this award because it is recognition from the community that he has helped.

He has been married to Cheli Madrid since 2020 and they have welcomed a daughter. They had a civil wedding in Newport Beach, California.

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