The Net Worth of Algebra Blessett and Her Husband Q Parker

If you’ve been wondering about the net worth of Algebra Blessett, you’re not alone. She’s not the only successful singer and songwriter with a high net worth. Actor Q Parker is another successful artist whose marriage to singer Algebra was recently revealed. His business empire may be exaggerated, but he’s still worth a lot. Read on to learn more about this successful artist and her husband.

Q Parker is an actor

If you’re not familiar with Q Parker, you’re not alone. The singer, songwriter and actor has racked up numerous awards since he first entered the music industry in 1996. His accolades include two platinum albums and a gold one. He’s also won six ASCAP awards and has worked with a number of chart-topping artists. Parker has also spoken at prestigious institutions such as Berklee College of Music and has a love for musical theater.


If you are a lover of soul music, you will love the music of Algebra Blessett. The neo-soul singer has been collaborating with a range of artists including Monica, Bilal, Anthony David, and others. Her upcoming album, Recovery, will be released on September 30. It will feature tracks by Algebra and a host of talented artists, including Kwame Holland and Bryan-Michael Cox.


The estimated net worth of Algebra Felicia Blessett is estimated to be approximately $44 million dollars. This figure is somewhat exaggerated due to her multiple investments, which are often a combination of real estate, art, and music. Algebra’s philanthropic efforts will help her to continue performing and supporting charities, which is certainly a nice touch.


Atlanta-based singer Algebra Blessett has a unique take on life and has made a name for herself as a neo soul and R&B artist. Her new album, Recovery, features Atlanta hitmakers Eric Roberson and Brian Michael Cox. Her desire to be true to her own life is evident on Recovery, which is due out tomorrow. Here are a few things to know about the singer.

Q Parker is a philanthropist

Besides being a philanthropist, Q Parker is a proud father. He supports many charitable organizations, including the Alzheimer’s Association of Georgia and the Cub Scouts of America. In addition, he founded the Q Parker Legacy Foundation in 2015 with a mission to empower men. Parker also works with his wife, Sharlinda Parker, and they founded Couples United to support spirituality and family values.

Q Parker is a singer

Since breaking into the music industry in 1996, Q Parker has earned numerous accolades, including two platinum albums, one gold album, and one multi-platinum record. He has also collaborated with a number of chart-topping artists and spoken at the Berklee College of Music. Although Q Parker is best known for his rap work, his varied musical talents have earned him praise across the board.

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Q Parker is a father

While Q Parker is known for being a successful businessman, his charitable work is also a part of his life. He has donated to causes such as the Alzheimer’s Association of Georgia and the Cub Scouts of America. His foundation, the Q Parker Legacy Foundation, was launched in 2015 and focuses on empowering men. Q and his wife, Sharlinda Parker, are also actively involved in promoting family values and spirituality.