A Guide to 2021 P Nickel Error Coins

A twenty-one cent nickel with the common mistake of an underweight mintmark is a rare collectible coin. It has been a subject of fascination for many coin collectors for decades. There are a number of reasons why this type of coin is so valuable, and one of them is its rarity. Whether it be its appearance, or its composition, it is worth the effort to find out more about this coin.

A guide to error coins can help you determine the value of these rare coins. These coins are rare and, as a result, are worth a higher price than their uncirculated counterparts. There are a variety of error varieties, from doubled die to clipped planchets. These error varieties are generally worth between $50 and $150 in uncirculated grades. There are a few examples of overdates and repunched mint marks.

Although Jefferson nickel error varieties are rare, they are also highly collectible and highly valuable. Many collectors are lucky enough to be able to find one at a community sale or rummage sale. There are also a few dealers who don’t know anything about these types of coins. However, it is possible to pluck out a 2021 p nickel error at a regular price if you know where to look.