9 Decades of Lincoln Pennies

To mark the ninety-fifth anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, the United States Mint has released four new cent pennies. These pennies feature four themes that highlight four major aspects of his life. Reading was not a priority as a frontier farmer, but fortunately, his parents encouraged him to read. His parents’ love of reading was passed down to him. The result is that his pennies are a great way to commemorate the man who changed the world.

The 1922 No “D” Lincoln penny is a good example of a manufacturing error. This coin was produced at a Denver Mint facility. Sadly, it was never noticed by coin collectors. The mintage for this coin was lower than the normal number of 1.2 million coins. In 1922, the Philadelphia Mint had no other facility where the Lincoln cents were produced, but the Denver facility did.

The 1931-S Lincoln cent is the second-lowest mintage of the Lincoln Wheat cent series. It was issued as part of a public relations campaign celebrating Lincoln’s centenary. As the cent was issued during the Great Depression, demand for pennies fell significantly. The remaining supply of pennies was soon exhausted and many ended up in circulation. Unfortunately, many of the new pennies were altered or counterfeited. Today, these pennies are easy to acquire if you know how to look for them.

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The 1909 VDB Lincoln penny has a high value. However, it is very important to be wary of counterfeit coins. Many counterfeit coins have changed mint marks. The 1909 VDB coin, for example, was altered by a Mint worker who added his initials. As a result, it is highly recommended to purchase a certified coin through a third-party grading service. The Philadelphia minting of the 1909 VDB Lincoln penny is worth the money you spend on it.