5 Ways To Make Your Hiking Experience Better

It is a great way to get in your steps for the day, but hiking has many benefits, from improving
cardiovascular health and bone density to boosting mood and mental health.
Suppose that’s not enough to get you interested. In that case, hiking is one of a few sports that
anyone, whether young or old, can participate in without any prior experience helping you
challenge your body in unimaginable ways.
Whether you’re new to the sport or an avid hiker looking to take your hiking experiences to the
next level, here are a couple of ways to make your experiences in the great outdoors even more

  1. Choose the Right Hiking Trail for Your Skill Level
    One of the things that makes hiking fun is the ability to go as fast or slow as you’d like.
    While conquering that 1000-foot elevation gain on your first try with no prior experience would
    impress your friends, getting stuck midway would do the opposite.
    When looking for your perfect trail, ensure to keep the following in mind:
    ● Experience – for first time hiking, look for more solid ground and build your way up from
    ● Time – how many hours do you have allocated for the hike? The general rule that most
    hikers use is the average person uses an hour to walk three miles on mostly flat ground
    taking an additional hour for 1000 feet in elevation gain
    ● Distance and terrain – how many miles is the hike, and what is the terrain made up of
    ● Elevation changes – consider the number of elevation gains and losses that go into the
  2. Consider Getting a Subscription Box
    I’m sure by now you’ve seen the hundreds of subscription boxes floating around on the internet,
    and while you might be wondering what a subscription box has to do with hiking, they offer
    everything and anything.
    Whether you’re an avid outdoors person looking to get the right accessories for your next
    paddling trip or a trail hunter looking for an outdoor hiking subscription box that’s fit for your
    hikes, consider getting a subscription box for that extra level of epic. Here are 2 of the best
    hiking subscription box 2022.
    Created by a team of outdoor professionals,battlbox offers everything from survival, EDC, and
    outdoor gear delivered monthly. Handpicked and tested by the battlbox team, you can expect
    everything from food rations and first aid supplies to gear from name brands such as Gerber,
    Zippo, and TOPS Knives.
    Currently, there are four levels; basic, advanced, pro, and pro plus. Depending on the tier,
    charges range from $39.99 to $ 151.99.
    With a new release each month, with a different theme and contents, battlbox makes it fun by
    adding a mission card, detailing the features and their use of gear, making it a great experience.
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Crate club
A tactical and survival subscription box, crate club offers tactical, EDC, survival, and self-
defense packs from major name brands, i.e., Leatherman, Civivi, Bushnell, and so many more.
Whether you enjoy the outdoors or cool gear, choosing from their three tiers, Lieutenant,
Captain, and General provides you with equipment fitting your budget and needs.
Some of the past gear that has appeared include; custom bulletproof bag inserts, tactical self-
defense flashlights, and premium first aid kits. The charges for quarterly delivery range from
$49.99 to $399.99.

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  1. Ensure You’re Properly Prepared Before You Set Out
    The third way to improve your hiking experience is by being prepared days before the trip.
    Increasingly, more and more people are heading out into the wild unprepared; spending a few
    hours gathering resources can help mitigate a disaster.
    This includes getting the proper footwear beforehand, ensuring that your hiking boots are
    broken in, well-fitting, and breathable, and bringing with you enough water and warm clothes. If
    you have issues with stability/vision, consider investing in trekking poles.
    Packing as light or heavy as you’d like when going on an hour hike, maybe sticking to the
    essentials and not bringing the whole target aisle, is suitable.
    These are all factors to consider, and with some planning, you can be well on your way to
    creating one of the most incredible hiking excursions.
  2. Take Breaks and Avoid Over-Exerting Yourself
    One of the easiest pitfalls you can find yourself in is overexerting yourself. Being enthusiastic
    about getting to the top/finishing line might bring you to your knees sooner than expected.

Pace yourself, and take breaks in between as needed. Hiking is a marathon, not a sprint; enjoy
the environment that you’re in; there’s no shame in going back to the starting point.

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  1. Bringing Along a First Aid Kit and Emergency Supplies
    Hiking can be a moderately strenuous activity. Whether hiking alone or with friends, carrying
    your first aid kit can save you from much pain and stress. Hiking involves a lot of walking,
    sometimes on slippery roads, running into overhanging branches and hidden obstacles.
    While exerting caution during hiking is the number priority, being prepared for anything makes a
    huge difference. In addition to the hundreds of animal species found outside, trails are home to
    some not-so-friendly plants.
    Ensure that your first aid kits have enough antibacterial ointment, bandages, gauze, sewing
    needles, and antiseptic wipes.
    Bottom Line
    Hiking is an enriching activity for a lot of people. Block out a couple of hours daily, weekly, or
    monthly and enjoy all that mother nature provides with our tips.

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