2019 W Reverse Proof Penny Value

What is the 2019 W reverse proof penny value? It is worth anywhere from $17 to $20 for the cheapest grade, and you might get lucky enough to find one with a high enough grade to make a profit. You can find a coin price chart online or hire a grading service to grade your coins. Melt value shows how much metal is inside a coin. Here is a chart to help you determine its value.

The W penny is different from other proof coins because it has a reflective design on the reverse. The frosted surface and mirrorlike raised areas are mirrored on the reverse. A 2019-W reverse proof penny is worth at least $5 to $10, but the most valuable one has been reportedly claimed for $400 at a 2021 auction. While you can find many proof pennies with a similar price range, it is best to get the highest grade possible.

This coin has been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. This is the first W proof penny in over 30 years. The mintage was low and the coin is in pristine condition. However, it has been accidentally sold individually, so you may have to wait until you receive a set to see how much it’s worth. You can also find a 2019 W reverse proof penny as a premium freebie in United States Mint collector products.

Reverse Proof coins are a good way to increase your coin collection’s value. Reverse proof coins are particularly popular with collectors, as they have a high value. The proof version of the coin has orange blemishes, but a reverse proof has no such issues. If you’re thinking of buying a Reverse Proof 2019-W Lincoln cent, it is better to go for the gold version.

The 2019 W Reverse Proof Penny Cent features a striking through the obverse, and is part of the US Mint’s Proof Silver 10-Coin Set. It arrives graded PF 69 by the NGC. The coin is also the second to be minted at the West Point facility, which is home to the United States Military Academy. As such, it symbolizes the power of our nation.

The most expensive 2019 W pennies have a face value of $0.01. A PR 65 proof, uncirculated 2019 W penny with a mint mark, and a NGC grade, are all worth between $0.30 and $70. The most expensive 2019 W reverse proof penny sold for $2,575 in 2021. When you compare face value to price, the price may be even more impressive. And the more desirable your coin is, the more money it will be worth.

The design on the back is an iconic representation of Liberty. The portrait was a popular choice on circulation dimes from 1916 to 1945. The design was even a recipient of the American Institute of Architects’ gold medal. Its striking mirror images make it easy to see if the coin is rare or valuable. The design of the reverse side is the same as on the obverse, so if you collect them, you can make a profit on them!