2019 Lowell Quarter

The United States Mint has unveiled the design for its newest Quarter of the Year, the 2019 Lowell Quarter. The design, which honors Lowell, Massachusetts, is based on the city’s rich history. The image depicts a female textile worker at work on a power loom, as well as a circular bobbin battery that kept the shuttle replenished with yarn. It is also the first coin in the America the Beautiful quarter series, and is the fifth quarter of that series.

A standard circulated 2019 Lowell clad quarter is worth $0.25, but these coins are worth a premium in uncirculated condition. In MS 63 uncirculated condition, the P and D Lowell quarters are worth $1, and the W Lowell quarter is worth $10 or more. It can also be kept as a valuable investment, and is worth as much as $25 in MS 65. But if you want to collect the entire set, you’ll need to invest in a collection of them.

Lowell is a planned textile mill town that contributed to the American Industrial Revolution. By the 1850s, Lowell had the largest textile complex in the country. Lowell National Historical Park was founded in 1978 to honor this rich history and preserve its industrial architecture. There is no shortage of interesting stories to tell about Lowell’s industrial past. If you’re in the market for a beautiful Quarter, the Lowell National Historical Park is a great place to start.

The 2019 Lowell quarter features the Lowell National Historical Park on its reverse. This historic site is located in Lowell, Massachusetts and is home to the Lowell National Historical Park, which is a 141-acre park. You can get your hands on these coins by visiting the park’s website. And don’t forget to share your findings with other coin collectors, friends, and family. So get out there and make a collection of these beautiful quarters! The future is bright if you own a collection of these coins.