2017 D Ellis Island Quarter

If you’re interested in collecting coins, you’ve probably come across the 2017 D Ellis Island quarter. While this particular coin is still available in its standard composition, it is not worth much, especially if you’re not looking to invest in it. You should consider the different series of the quarters available, though. There is a standard 2017 D quarter, as well as a proof coin and silver proof.

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The design of this particular coin is similar to that of the Washington Quarter, which was issued from 1932 to 1998. The portrait was created by John Flanagan, and the inscriptions around the coin are E PLURIBUS UNUM and ELLIS ISLAND, NEW JERSEY. The 2017 release marks the 39th release of the All America the Beautiful program, and these coins can be found in the Quarter Program Category.

The new America the Beautiful Quarters series honors historic national sites, and the Ellis Island National Monument is the latest. You can purchase these coins in bags and rolls. These coins feature the historic site of Ellis Island, which was a bustling immigration station from 1892 until 1954. The average time for an immigration inspection to take place at Ellis Island ranged from three to seven hours. In 1965, Ellis Island became a part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument, a designated national historic site.