2015 Nickel and Nickel Cabernet Sauvignon

In the Rutherford AVA, Nickel & Nickel Cabernet is a premium single-vineyard winery that focuses on producing 100% varietal Cabernet Sauvignon. The winery seeks out the most exceptional vineyard locations and soil compositions to create truly unique and special wines. The wines are truly celebrations of place. The vineyards are located in the Rutherford sub-region of Napa Valley, which is famous for its sloping landscapes and hollow columns that allow the wine to flow through the underground cellar.

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The grapes used for making the wine are grown in the Rutherford appellation on a knoll west of Silverado Trail. The grapes are planted on gravelly loam soil and enjoy a variety of exposures. This wine is well balanced and has aromas of crushed stone, wild berries, and violets. The wine is remarkably well-balanced, with notes of clove and cardamom complementing the berry fruit. This Cabernet is rich and velvety, with a smooth, generous texture. It will continue to evolve over the next decade.